Spring at the Silos 2020

This year, Spring at the Silos is March 12-14, 2020. For those that cannot make it, I am sharing a peak into Magnolia Market to see the latest Spring installation. If you want to see what Spring at the Silos actually looks like, here are pictures from last year’s event in Waco, Texas.

What would Spring be without a bountiful of tulips? The lead gardener at Magnolia told me that he planted over  1,000 tulips on the Magnolia grounds a few weeks ago. So, I can’t wait to get pictures of the tulips in full bloom. But first, let’s take a look inside Magnolia Market.


Seasonal Installation for Spring at the Silos 2020

The Spring installation has been set at Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.  This season, the displays consist of hanging and standing clusters of cacti and handmade flowers. Would you believe the tall cacti are made from pool noodles and jute rope?


The visual marketing team at Magnolia Market is so creative. For instance, they take an idea and carry the message throughout the season at the Silos and in the quarterly magazine.  For Spring, the Magnolia message is a reminder to ‘seek purpose in the everyday.’

The flowers in the displays are hand made from coffee filters or crepe paper and mixed with faux greenery.

Home Decor Trends for Spring at the Silos

Here are the decor trends that I noticed at Magnolia Market for Spring 2020.

  • terracotta pots and the color itself
  • warm pastels like coral pink, mustard yellow, rusty oranges
  • rattan and bamboo materials especially in trays or baskets
  • textured pillows with a boho vibe
  • vibrant colored greenery

The Magnolia Market store is two levels.  The first level pictured here consists of a kitchen area and a wall of book shelves and styled mantles.  Of course, each season these mantles get styled differently.

Then, the bottom level of the store consists of Chip’s corner, t-shirts, signs, books, candles, etc… You can see a complete tour of that space last Spring, here.


Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Places to Visit

When visiting ‘The Silos’ in Waco, Texas, don’t forget to check out these Magnolia stops too.  Most importantly, Magnolia Market is located within the Silos and is located at 601 Webster Ave.

  • Magnolia Market – main store with lawn and food trucks including Magnolia Table & Bakery food truck
  • Magnolia Feed and Seed – garden area on the Silos grounds with small shop, greenhouse, flower beds
  • Silos Baking Co – bakery located next to main entrance of Magnolia Market
  • Magnolia Press – coffee shop, located within the same block as Magnolia Market, inside & outside sitting
  • Magnolia Table –  breakfast and lunch only restaurant, will need to drive or ride Waco Shuttle
  • Little Shop on Bosque – discount Magnolia products, will need to drive

Coming soon…

  • The Magnolia Home furniture show room is located behind Magnolia Press and looks complete from the outside. However, it has not opened yet. So, I assume it will be included in the October grand re-opening of the Silos.
  • By October 2020, there will be new additions to Magnolia Market.  For instance, this will include a concession stand and a whiffle ball court. Plus, a few small retail spaces, restrooms, and a reconstructed Waco historical church surrounding another open lawn area.  You can see complete plans for this space at Magnolia’s website, here.
  • In addition, the Magnolia hotel will be located about 5 blocks from Magnolia Market at 701 Washington Ave. However it will not open until 2021. The hotel will be renovated inside the Waco Grand Karem Shrine building.
  • Speaking of renovations, the Gaines’ purchased the Cottonland Castle located at 3300 Austin Ave in Waco last year.  However, work on the castle has not begun.

Thank you for taking the Magnolia Market tour with me. In addition, you can read more about Waco on the blog by searching ‘Waco’ or clicking here.  Or subscribe for weekly updates at Cuter Tudor.

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