Spring at the Silos 2019

Spring at the Silos 2019

In celebration of the arrival of spring, Magnolia Market’s Spring at the Silos event featured a vendor fair, food trucks, and lots of floral displays.  Also, Joanna’s new children’s book, “We are the Gardeners” released during the three day event.  Tickets were sold for signed copies of the book with Joanna making an appearance on stage to share her inspiration for the book.


Spring Displays

I love all the seasons at Magnolia, but Spring may be my favorite!  From the handmade faux floral displays to the pots filled with newly planted stems, plants are always in abundance at Spring at the Silos.  The garden area and potting shed are filled with warm sunshine, a variety of plants and lots of encouragement to spend time outdoors during this time of year.  It a a very calming place, and really good for the soul.  On a recent blog post, click here, I wrote about what was new for Spring at the Silos.  Most importantly, I shared how the theme for each season is well woven between the magazine and store displays at Magnolia Market.


The visual creative design team at Magnolia is so talented.  They did an amazing job of creating lots of photo opportunities to remember your trip.  One of my favorite displays is in the garden area with stacks of oversized books, flower seed inspired garland and lots of potted plants. This display coincided with the release of Joanna Gaines’ new book ‘We are the Gardeners.’   The Magnolia visual team also created an amazing back drop on the stage for the book talk with Joanna.



Vendor Fair and Food Trucks

Along two streets that run alongside Magnolia Market, food trucks and vendors line up.  It is an honor for artists, craftsman and vendors to be invited to an event at the Silos.  Hundreds of applications are combed over to bring unique, handmade and high quality products to Waco for this special event.

It is also fun to meet small shops that my daughter and I follow on Instagram!  My daughter’s favorite booths are Lola Jane Naturals bath bombs and Shop Andi’s velvet scrunchies. A new artist that I found is ‘Marry in Spring’ who does beautiful watercolor paintings.  I chose one of her tea towels depicting parts of Waco. Another favorite shop is called Gracefully, owned by Grace Messenger, who works with craftsman in Guatemala to produce beautiful handmade pillows through fair trade.  I was lucky enough to meet Grace the week before in Waco!  She is a gem!



Tips for When to Visit

During Spring at the Silos and even Silobration, there is a lot of excitement and positive energy in the air.  Please know that if you visit during special events like these that there will be long lines.  Often, you will have to wait to get into the Magnolia Market store and the Bakery.  The restaurant, Magnolia Table, is located a few minutes away and may have a two hour wait.  You do not have to wait to enter the Silos which includes the garden area, lawn and food trucks.  The good news is that you have a chance to get a glimpse of Chip and Joanna Gaines.  In addition, there is often more displays and vendors set up during the special events.  For example, there are at least 3 other areas neighboring Magnolia Market that hosts additional vendor booths in downtown Waco at this time.

  • At the Silos along 6th Street and Webster (Hosted by Magnolia)
  • 407 S. 8th Street
  • 5th and Webster
  • Savage Finds – behind Magnolia’s parking lot

It is a different feeling then visiting the Silos on a Wednesday morning in late Fall or early Spring.  During the slow times, you can soak it all in and feel the presence of God.  Lines are very short in the late afternoons and early mornings.  I love to walk over from staging at The Findery and grab lunch and a sweet tea.  You can read more about my experience in Fall of 2018 at the Silos, on this blog post, or check out the Fall displays at Magnolia Market.

By the way, I try to share a few insider tips in every post about Magnolia. For instance, January and February are slow, but often cold. March is one of the busiest months due to spring breakers all month long. Summer is always steady, so just avoid weekends if you can.   Early May, late September and early October during the week are great times to visit too.  Either way, when ever you visit, you will definitely leave feeling inspired.


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