5 Best Ways to Decorate with Lanterns

5 Best Ways to Decorate with Lanterns!

For this week’s 5 Way Wednesday, I am sharing my best ways to decorate with lanterns in your home.  They are great all season long, but I especially love to decorate with lantern sets during the Fall and Christmas time.

If you are new to the blog, welcome y’all!  Every Wednesday, I share 5 different ways to style ONE product. The idea is to invest in pieces that are versatile in your home and can be used all year long in several different ways.  Therefore, you can use the same decor in new ways, and refresh your spaces each season. You can search ‘5 way’ in the search bar for more ideas, or click here.


5 Ways to Decorate with Lanterns

1. Use a lantern set as a centerpiece.

Fill a large wooden crate with lanterns, battery operated candles, and faux florals for a beautiful centerpiece. This would look great for holiday tablescapes or a display on a large kitchen island, but I love it near a fireplace, too.

Lanterns, candles and flowers in a crate

Click to buy this wood lantern set


2. Use a lantern set on your front door.

Lanterns add a charming touch to the front porch, so add a couple near the door.  For this example, I don’t always fill the lanterns, but allow them to stand alone, adding an architectural element to the space.


3. Use lanterns on a console or entry table.

Display 2-3 lanterns with seasonal greenery on a console table.  For fall, I love to add my succulent filled pumpkins. Click here for the concrete pumpkin planter DIY!  For Christmas, mini trees would look great, but any potted plants, real or faux, work all season long.

If you are looking for more ideas to style a console table, check out this 5 Way Wednesday with console tables.


4.  Use smaller lanterns to style bookshelves.

A lantern set looks great on bookshelves.  The key is to vary the height using a set of lanterns that are different sizes or stagger them on pedestals or risers. Basically, they act as architectural pieces to add interest to your space.

lantern set styled on bookshelves

These lanterns would look great for shelf styling.


5. Use lanterns around the fireplace.

Lanterns were originally used to add light into the home.  Therefore, it makes sense to place lanterns around the fireplace in place of a fire.  You can add candles to create a warm glow, or use seasonal items for decoration.  I like to use a set of lanterns around the fireplace.  Specifically for Fall, I love to include pumpkins.


Bonus Time: Use lanterns during Christmas time.

I love to use lanterns at Christmas time throughout my home. Lanterns look amazing around the fireplace filled with candles or placed around the Christmas tree. For example, you can fill lanterns with faux snow, mini trees, and reindeer to create the look of a ‘snow globe.’ If you love this look, check out more DIY snow globes, here.

Lantern styled as a snow glove with faux snow, reindeer.

These wood and glass lanterns are available, here.

More Ways to Decorate with Lanterns

What do you put in lanterns?

Make sure decor items are in proportion to the size of the lantern.  Specifically, fill the lantern about 2/3 full.

  • Battery operated candles
  • Battery operated string lights
  • Real candles when supervised
  • Potted plants
  • Seasonal stems or greenery
  • Tall Figurines
  • Wood spindles
  • Natural elements like a bird nest
  • Moss balls
  • Pumpkins for Fall

For Christmas, think of items like…

  • Pinecones
  • Ornaments
  • Mini Christmas Tree
  • Snowmen, Santa or reindeer

Specifically, I love to style my lanterns like a snow globe for Christmas or like terrariums in the spring!


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