5 Ways to Style Corbels in the Home

5 Ways to Style Corbels 

This week for 5 Way Wednesday, I am sharing 5 +1 different ways to style corbels in your home. Then, I will share where to buy corbels! I love using a variety of new, vintage & unpainted corbels for DIY’s for my home.

1. Use corbels in a coffee table vignette.

When styling a coffee table, you want to include a combination of seasonal greenery, books or a tall item to vary the height, and something that is personal or an interesting shape. In addition, it is important to use a variety of textures and materials like wood, glass, metal, textiles and natural elements.

Corbels work great for vignettes individually or in pairs.  Specifically, they add texture and height.


2. Use corbels to build a desk.

One of my favorite DIY’s in our home is this built in desk made from two large wooden corbels.  You can get all the instructions on the blog, here.  This works great in small spaces like an entry room, too. Plus, this idea works similarly to DIY corbel shelves which is another favorite way to style corbels!


3. Use corbels as bookends.

This may be a ‘ no brainer’ since corbels look a lot like bookends, but it is a great way to style a shelf. However, have fun with this!  The corbels can lay vertically or horizontally.  In addition, you can turn books around so that they pages show instead of the spines for a more neutral look.


4. Use corbels to accent a door frame.

Corbels were originally made to hold heavy loads with added decoration, so it makes sense to install them in an open door frame albeit for the decoration.  This works the same way you would install brackets.


5. Use corbels as a centerpiece.

Corbels are great as a centerpiece because they are tall and create a focal point in the center of the table.  Use two corbels on a small or round table.  However you can place 3-5 corbels down the center of a longer rectangle table. Then, add sprigs or orbs of greenery or candles to make it feel cozy.


6.  Display corbels as architectural pieces.

Corbels can be displayed as architectural pieces on shelves or cabinets.  No books required.  For example, include them in vignettes, or on a shelf individually.

Where to buy corbels?

I found vintage chippy and unpainted corbels for DIY’s from The Findery in Waco, Texas.  Plus, Hobby Lobby has a good selection of the metal brackets for doorways and ceramic corbels, which are great for vignettes but not hanging.  The chippy white ones that I have pictured are from Magnolia Market!  Lastly, I see lots of vintage and handmade corbels at antique stores and at the Antique Show in Roundtop, Texas.

Thank you for stopping by the blog to read 5 Ways to Style Corbels!  If you love these styling tips, save the pic below to your Pinterest board, or check out more 5 Way Wednesday posts featuring a different product each week.  Just search ‘5 way’ in the search bar.

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