Home for the Holidays DIY Wood Ornament

Home for the Holidays DIY Wood Ornament

For the 5th DIY of the 12 DIYs of Christmas, I am making a Home for the Holidays ornament.  This DIY wood ornament will look great on a Christmas tree or personalized to tie on gifts. Plus, these are easy to make using a few power tools, wood, stain and string.

Recently, I received several cordless power tools from HART tools, available at Walmart.  I love that the power tools share the same rechargeable battery, so it is easy to work quickly with several power tools and swap the battery, if necessary.  If it sounds simple, it is! Lets get to work!

Instructions for the DIY Wood Ornament

Step 1. Use a ruler to draw the outline of a simple house onto a piece of pine. Print a template, if necessary.

Step 2. Cut out the shape of the house onto wood using a reciprocating or jig saw.


Step 3. Use the drill to insert a hole through the top of the house for a hanger.

Step 4: Sand and smooth the edges of the wood with the sanding attachment on the HART multitool power tool.



Step 5. Using the HART rotary tool’s cutting attachment, add details to mimic a home. For example, draw windows, a door and a wreath, as desired. If you prefer, you can use a ruler and pencil to draw prior to cutting.

Draw door, wreath and windows onto wood using the HART rotary tool.


Step 6. Apply your favorite wood stain to both sides of the ornament and allow to dry.  When dry, hang ornament with string or jute.

Apply stain with brush or cloth.


The HART tool collection is only available at Walmart. You can visit HART Tools to find out more about the cordless power tools! Tomorrow, I am making ornaments from bead board, so check back for the rest of the 12 DIYs of Christmas. But first, save this to your Pinterest board.  Happy DIYing, y’all!

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