How to Make a DIY Christmas Centerpiece from Kirkland’s

How to Make a DIY Christmas Centerpiece from Kirkland’s!

I am excited to partner with Kirkland’s to share a beautiful DIY Christmas Centerpiece that is easy to make and will be the showstopper of your holiday tablescape. This time of year is my absolute favorite; I have waited all year to decorate for the holidays. Kirkland’s Christmas Collections boast a variety of Christmas decor that can be used to make something completely unique for your family’s holiday season. In addition, Kirkland’s has many different holiday collections  so you’re sure to find something that fits your décor style.

With a few of my favorite holiday decor finds and Christmas florals from Kirkland’s, I made a one of a kind centerpiece.  I love that it combines my love of neutrals, vintage inspired decor with traditional pops of red for Christmas.  So let’s get this DIY Christmas Centerpiece started!


DIY Floral Centerpiece in Wooden Crate
Welcome your guests this Christmas with cozy candles nestled among the season’s favorite greenery.

Materials Needed:

The items from Kirkland’s that I used for this DIY Christmas centerpiece include:

Here is what I grabbed from my craft room:

  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • 2 blocks of floral foam


Prep your stems.

For this DIY Christmas centerpiece, you will need to cut the faux floral stems to fit into the box.  I cut about 6 inches off of the frosted pine and pinecone sprays and separated into smaller sections.  For the snowberry picks, I separated each bundle from the main stem.  First, make a small hole into the bottom of the antler ornament with the tip of a screwdriver.  Next, insert one of the wire stems that was cut from the floral sprays.  This will allow the antler ornaments to project from the arrangement.


Arrange the faux florals into the box.

You can create this DIY Christmas centerpiece with or without candles.  First, I placed three candles behind the word ‘believe’ in the wooden box for an asymmetrical style, but you can choose to center the candles if you like. Hot glue the bottom of floral foam into the base of the wooden box.  This will help keep the foam in place as you insert the picks.  Next, place the frosted pine stems in two rows along the foam.  I placed one long stem in the front of the crate letting it flow over the left side of the box.  Then, work in the pinecone picks along the center of the foam.  Last, add the shorter snowberry picks along the outer edge of the foam, allowing some of the berries to lean over the side of the box.  Spread out the branches.


Time to add filler.

Place the two antler ornaments in between the greenery as if it were a deer peaking out from the woods.  On the other hand, you can also choose to insert the antlers more freely in the centerpiece.  Using the box of Winter Wonderland filler, choose items to cover the floral foam in the base of the box.  I added the faux pine branches, white berries and snow covered pinecones.  Be sure to work your way all the way around the box.  Just hot glue the tips of the greenery before placing in the floral foam and glue the backs of the pinecones to hold in place.  The last thing that I did was trim some of the taller stems in a rainbow shape over the top of the box.  After that, trim any stems around candles for safety.  This DIY Christmas centerpiece has come together beautifully.

This DIY is easier to make than it looks!


Enjoy your DIY Christmas Centerpiece.

Whether you use your DIY decor as the center of your holiday tablescape, to light up a buffet table or on the coffee table, it will surely be a unique work of art in your home this holiday.  The fun part about DIYS is that you can make it your own with a few small changes.  Therefore, with these basic instructions, grab this beautiful chippy painted box from Kirkland’s, your favorite Christmas greenery and a few ornaments to make your own DIY Christmas centerpiece.  For instance, will you add a bow to the side of the crate?  Place red balls for a pop of color into the greenery? Choose to make it without candles… Leave me your ideas in the comments!

DIY Christmas decor
Candles in your centerpiece create a beautiful glow.


diy christmas decoration
This DIY Christmas Centerpiece will make a beautiful statement in your home this holiday season!


Thank you to Kirkland’s for reaching out to me to create a fun DIY that will wow and welcome your guests this holiday season!  I encourage you to check out the rest of their Christmas decor soon for the best selection.  Y’all, let me tell you that Kirkland’s has the CUTEST holiday pillows!  I am already making my wish list!  You can see more of my home decor and DIY ideas on Instagram at @cutertudor or on my Pinterest page! As a result, if you share this page on your facebook or add it to your Pinterest board, you will have it saved to make your own DIY Christmas centerpiece this winter. Most importantly, I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday season.


DIY christmas decor
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