The Giving Basket

As someone who loves to decorate, changing seasons, and holidays, this time of year is my favorite. I call the time between late October and December the ‘Fallidays.’ Not only are there fun holiday traditions, but my home is typically decorated with beautiful Fall inspired textures and twinkly Christmas decor. However, another reason that I love this time of year is because gratitude and gifting are prevalent. By gifting, I don’t mean buying the latest and greatest gifts to give, but rather sharing of our God given gifts, talents and blessings.

For some, their gift may be that they are a great cook, or good listener and encourager. Others may have a heart to help the needy by serving a meal, or donating to a shelter. Whatever your gift, I encourage you to share it with others. I enjoy baking treats, hosting family and friends in my home, and decorating Christmas trees for others. While you may not think that your gift is a big deal, it may be the answer to someone’s prayer or simply the break that someone needed after a long, stressful day.

The Giving Basket

You have probably heard of a giving plate. However, let’s make it a giving basket because a basket can hold all kinds of baked goods that are perfect for sharing during the holidays. Think of all the fresh baked breads, cookies, muffins and pastries that you can share with friends, family, and neighbors.

This basket shall have no owner
for its journey never ends,
it travels in a circle 
of our family and friends.
It carries love from home to home 
For everyone to share,
The food that’s placed upon it 
was made with love and care.
So please enjoy what’s in the basket
Then fill it up again,
Then pass along the love it holds 
to your family and friends!

Shop vintage bread baskets, From: Susie. When using anything vintage for food service, I line the basket with parchment paper. Then, place a pretty napkin or tea towel inside before putting in baked goods. Lastly, I tied with a pretty ribbon and tuck in a few sprigs of seasonal stems.

Use code Cuter10 for 10% everything at From: Susie.

My mother in law found an amazing recipe that tastes better than the Starbucks Pumpkin Bread, here. So, she made these pumpkin bread muffins for our family. The batch didn’t last 24 hours in our home. Thank you, Martha! It was a nice surprise on Sunday morning to see you with a basket full of muffins and fresh fruit.

Read our Gift Gasket Guide for tips to put together a thoughtful gift for friends and family. Lastly, I hope your holiday season is filled with many blessings as you share your gifts with others.

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