On the Junkin’ Trail to Junk Gypsy Co in Round Top, Tx

One of the biggest antique shows in Texas happens twice a year in the tiny town of Round Top, which happens to be where two of my favorite sisters, Amie and Jolie Sykes, The Junk Gypsies, call home.  I have been following these girls story for over 15 years, secretly wishing to be one of them! These girls are a “little bit hippie, a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit southern-fried, and a whole lot of GYpSy-fide, as they describe themselves on their own website gypsyville.com! But before you head over to check them out, here’s a sneak peak into their store when I visited these gals last October!
Here I am with Large Marge, who has seen a junkin’ trail a time or two!  This was one of the original transporters of junk for the Junk Gypsies.  She even has a chandelier inside.
The Junk Gypsy Co is located a few miles out of town in its own little world.  The store is located right off the highway neighboring  the Sykes’ homes and their inn, Wander Inn.
The Junk Gypsies, along with their family, built this amazing store out of reclaimed wood and vintage finds.  It is one of a kind and a real treat to visit.
I love this reclaimed wood wall that welcomes visitors to the front porch. It exemplifies the creative and free spirit of a true junk gypsy!
The walkway is lined with vintage china plates.   The old water tower shares one of the Gypsies favorite quotes, ‘Not all who wander are lost.’
The outside is decorated as cute as the inside with vintage and roadside finds.
How cute is this floral arrangement with cotton stems in a pickle jar?  It can’t get any cuter, or southern, y’all! It just goes to show that you can repurpose anything!
When I visited during antiques week, Jep Robertson was setting up his new food truck in an airstream, Southern Roots!  The food truck didn’t open for a few more hours, but that didn’t stop my friend Audrey, from Farmhouse on Elder Hill, and I from knocking on the trailer to get a celebrity pic!  I saw that beard though the window and knew it belonged to a Robertson from Duck Dynasty!  We met Jep, and his cousin, who also has a Robertson beard; they were so friendly!  Later, his beautiful wife Jessica, and their kids were seen helping set up!  It is truly a family business!  You can read more on Jep’s website JepsSouthernRoots.com or watch his tv show, Jep and Jessica, who recently moved to Austin, Texas.  The Robertsons have been friends with Amie and Jolie for years!
 Now, that I have your attention, let’s head into the Junk Gypsy Company store!
As you enter the store, you immediately notice and fall in love with the reclaimed wood walls, glam chandeliers, one of a kind vintage finds, all curated into funky collections!
Amie and Jolie, are the real deal!  They are authentic, hard working, and down to earth.  It isn’t uncommon to see these two talking with customers or working in the store!  They had a dream, pursued it and have stayed true to their gypsy roots.
Every year, they hold a ‘Junk-o-rama’ prom, with lots of glitz, cowboy boots and dance hall music.  This display plays tribute to their prom held each year during the Fall Show.
Beware, nothing is off limits when it comes to glitter!! Everything needs a little sparkle!
These junk lovin’ girls have the cutest store!  But that’s not all!  These girls have a Pottery Barn kids line, tv show and a best selling book called none other than Junk Gypsy – Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wander and Wonder! You can find a copy of their book here! It is full of fun DIYS and photos of each of the girls’ gorgeous homes!
I love Amie and Jolie’s funky and wild side!  It encourages us to follow our hearts and be creative with what you have or what you find on the side of the road!  Their story shows us that you don’t have to leave your hometown for the big city to make your dreams come true….you just have to work hard!
Their store is a collection of antiques, chippy painted furniture, repurposed pieces, a few quirky finds, new bedding and pillows and some original Junk Gypsy tees and souvenirs.
Who else puts a cactus from the pasture in a vase? Y’all might be from Texas!
I love these vintage signs all over the store!  It gives me that authentic road trip vibe!  Are you already planning your next trip to Round Top?  Count me in!
One of my favorite finds from this trip was a painting from one of my favorite southern artists Deann at Deanns Designs.  I took home this cotton stem painting.
After stopping by the Junk Gypsy store, head to Round Top for some junkin’.  Round Top is the quintessential of Texas small towns, but way cooler, y’all.  Population of 90, just like the sign says…Be sure to get a slice of pie at Royers when you visit.
Round Top has two major antique shows, with over 2500 booths and shops welcoming over 100,000 visitors from all over the world! This year, the spring show is April 2-7, 2018 and the fall show is October 1-6, 2018.  The neighboring small towns participate as well, so there are literally miles of pastures, tents, store fronts and barns set up for antiquing, junking and new finds.  You will need several days if you plan to see it all!
 Some shops are open year round and there are smaller shows throughout the year.  Just check the website for details…it is Round Top Texas Antiques.  There is a smaller winter show January 27-28, but it doesn’t compare to the big time shows! If you like European antiques, be sure to find the Marburger area!  Also, stop by Warrenton, where the Junk Gypsies first got started at Zapp Hall almost 20 years ago.
Thanks for following me on the junkin’ trail!  It led to the neatest little town in Texas!  Be sure to follow the Junk Gypsies on Instagram and Facebook – they started a video series to share DIYs and repurpose lots of cool junk into even cooler stuff!

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