How to Decorate a Mantle for Spring

How to Decorate a Mantle for Spring

With Spring less than a month away, I’m adding a few seasonal touches into my home. For instance, today, I decorated my mantle. Because the fireplace is usually the focal point of the living room, it is important to make a statement in this space! I’m sharing two key components that you can use to easily style any mantle for any season.

If you missed how I installed this shiplap above the fireplace in one day, check out this blog post.


Two Key Components of a Stylish Mantle


1. Start with an anchor piece.

The anchor will be the focal point of the fireplace mantle. Therefore, it should be placed in the center and be large enough to make a statement. A triangle will typically form with the anchor piece and decor objects.  The exception to this is if you choose to do a symmetrical design with 3 wall vases or one large piece of artwork.

What do I use to decorate a mantle? 

I used a round mirror, but a variety of decor pieces can act as an anchor.  For example, a large clock, 2-3 layered art pieces and signs, or a wreath hung on a vintage gate or window are common to decorate a mantle for Spring.


2. Next, add visual weight.

The next step is to add visual weight with objects that vary in height.  By staggering objects like the candlesticks, visual movement is created which leads the eye throughout the space. In addition, the stems sweep across the mirror to guide the viewer from one point to the next and keep the mantle interesting.

What do I use to decorate a mantle? 

Candlesticks add light, books add height and plants or flowers in large vases add life to any space. Any combination of these can be used to fill in a fireplace mantle.

These candlesticks are From Susie, an amazing online shop with vintage and Texas made products.  The flower stems are from Magnolia’s Little Shop on Bosque in Waco, Texas where I found them for 75% off. I used 3 flowers and 2 greenery stems for this arrangement, because I like to work with odd numbers for an organic feel!

If you are on a budget, take a walk and snip some spring blossoms or branches to place in a large vase. Or, repurpose worn out books. The library usually has old books for 5 cents, y’all!

Keep it simple, y’all.

Keeping it simple has always been hard for me.  I constantly over think, over commit and decorate with every thing I have. However, my focus for this year is to be intentional.  From being strategic with how I spend my time to carefully choosing what I put in my home, I am making choices that are meaningful to me rather than acting out of habit.

This has allowed me to find a good balance between being a wife, mom, blogger/stager and even have time for self care like daily walks with Scout and Scooby. If you are finding yourself constantly busy without feeling accomplished or good enough, I encourage you to say ‘no’ more often so that you can say ‘yes’ to the things that matter. Because less really is more!

Glass beads, wood bowl, cane charger, tulips, candlesticks, throw are

I love this simplicity to transition from winter to Spring. It is bright and refreshing, but also so calming.  It is a place that my daughter and I both enjoy in the late afternoons when we need a break. Isn’t that what your home should feel like… a place that you can unwind!

Thanks for stopping by the Cuter Tudor blog! I hope you enjoyed these styling tips to decorate a mantle for spring. Last week, I shared my best tips to style a coffee table for Spring, too.

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