Waco, Texas: Magnolia Summer 2022

Inside Magnolia Market

One of my favorite things about visiting Waco, Texas’ Magnolia Market is checking out the handmade seasonal displays made by the visual display team. Each season, Magnolia creates a theme not only for their quarterly magazine, Magnolia Journal, but for the Silos. ‘A Summer to Flourish’ shows up in the oversized floral displays.

For example, a handcrafted white wisteria tree tops the greenhouse structure in Magnolia Market. You can see the 2020 Summer displays, here, which include an assortment of handmade cactus.

A Summer to Flourish

To flourish means ‘grow vigorously, especially in a favorable environment.’ This is a beautiful reminder to fully enjoy this season. So, let’s soak up as many rays as possible this summer!

After learning to roller skate during the 2020 pandemic, Joanna Gaines skates across her striped chalked driveway for the 2022 Summer cover of Magnolia Journal. The color palette includes terra cotta orange, adobe clay pink, citrusy yellow, grassy green and sky blue.

The same summery color palette shows up in the Summer displays at Magnolia Market. In addition, these colors inspired products in the summer collection, as well. In addition, the summer collection includes a mix of metals, woven materials, stoneware and summer inspired linens. My favorite piece is the blue and white gingham tablecloth, which screams outdoor summer picnics!

What’s New at the Silos?

The Katy Ball Park concession stand has now become the Magnolia Table cafe. Rather than pretzels or hotdogs, now you can purchase avocado toast or homemade biscuits and gravy in this space. A Magnolia Table food truck at the Silos previously sold these favorites from the Magnolia Table restaurant located a few miles away.

In the Magnolia Seed and Supply shop and garden area, additional seating under an arched pergola with climbing plants at each pole has been added. Soon, these metal arches covered in leafy plants will provide additional shade. In addition, Magnolia switches out the flower beds each season. Therefore, summer grasses and flowers like salvia or daisies replaced the spring tulips.

Six little boutiques surround the lawn in front of the restored church. However, the children’s shop, Juniper and Crew, has now become Joanna Gaines’ sister’s shop called Fernie’s Retro Plant Shop. Vintage inspired, handmade pottery and plants are for sale. A mid-modern style that both Joanna and her sister love, decorate the shop. The Magnolia network will feature the transformation.

More of Waco, Texas’ Magnolia

If you love all things Magnolia, enjoy this photographic tour of the Silos! It’s one of my most viewed blog posts! But first, here are a few more pictures that I captured on my last trip to downtown Waco! First, here is the front and back of Magnolia Press coffee shop. Then, a look at the outdoor fireplace area behind the Magnolia Home furniture store.

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I love this view of the Silos between two Magnolia trees.

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