Three Simple Napkin Rings to DIY

These DIY napkin rings are inexpensive and easy to make, but the best part is that you can customize them to match your table decor for any season or holiday. Think of all the fun seasonal decorations and pretty patterned ribbons that you can use to to make your own napkin rings.

Ribbon Napkin Ring

The only thing that you need to make this napkin ring is a good ribbon! Specifically, use wire edged, thick ribbon about three inches wide. First, cut the ribbon approximately 12 inches long, but decide what length works best with the ribbon you have. To angle the edges, fold the ribbon in half and cut at a diagonal from the center fold outward. Next, tie the ribbon in a double knot around a napkin ensuring the pattern side faces up. Lastly, fluff the ribbon. This ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.

Beaded Napkin Ring

For this napkin ring, you need half or one inch wide ribbon, wooden beads and an embroidery needle. If you use thinner ribbon, you may not need the needle, but it helps pull the ribbon through each bead. First, cut the ribbon about 12-15 inches long with angled tails. Next, thread the ribbon through the large needle and push through about 9-12 wooden beads. Lastly, remove the needle and double knot the ribbon. I chose to use three large and six small wooden beads with a blue and white checkered ribbon.

Embellished Napkin Ring

With a hot glue gun, you can embellish mini grapevine wreaths with small seasonal decorations like miniature bird nests or faux flowers to make pretty napkin rings. Simply, hot glue a seasonal object onto the wreath and hold until it is dry. These mini wreaths and nests are from Hobby Lobby.

Specifically, the napkin rings shown above are made with mini wreaths, but ribbon, wired garlands and even shower curtain rings can be used. For instance, see this blog post to learn how I used seeded wired garland to make four napkin rings for $1. Below, I hot glued decoupaged eggs onto leafy floral wire for an Easter tablescape. Small wooden letters can be used to monogram your guests’ place settings, too.

For a kids table, I tied decorative ribbon around a napkin and secured with a double knot. Then, hot glued tiny bunnies onto the ribbon. These bunnies are actually erasers which I got from Dollar Tree! I told yall these napkin rings were easy and inexpensive! So cute, too!

If you are feeling crafty, this is a great way to personalize your holiday tables! In addition, here are three party favors that you can make for guests this Easter!

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