Blue Christmas Decor

Blue Christmas decor has made its way into my bedroom. It is actually the first place that I decorated this holiday season, because I love the warm glow of Christmas lights all day and night.  It’s just so cozy!


From my favorite decor trends to how I decorate my Christmas tree, here are a few easy ways to add holiday cheer into your home.


2019 Christmas Decor Trends That I Love

  • Bottle brush trees (or any mini trees)
  • Flocked Christmas trees
  • Vintage inspired Christmas decor
  • Blue Christmas decor
  • Christmas in every room
  • Hanging bells, garlands, banners

The traditional red and green colors of Christmas will always be a classic choice.  As will Santas, sparkly finishes, and natural elements like pinecones and fresh greenery… Therefore, don’t put too much thought into trends.  Everything comes back around… all of my blue ornaments are from 2007, so do what you love!  For instance, see how many things from today were trendy last year… 


How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

There are so many ways to decorate a Christmas tree, but here’s what I did:

  1. Place a star and 3+ styles of tree picks (sparkly, natural, colorful) on top of the tree
  2. Tuck 3-5 feet of ribbon in every foot, leave tapered tail hanging; work in diagonals across tree
  3. Add a few sparkly picks into tree; use diamond pattern to place accordingly
  4. Hang large ornaments (variety of blue ornaments & glass balls) at diagonals
  5. Hang small ornaments (silver bells, mirrored stars, blue icicle, plastic matte balls) to fill in
  6. Place decorative boxes, wrapped gifts, lanterns or large reindeer under tree

More Christmas Decor Ideas in the Bedroom

  • Hang wreaths on mirrors or architectural pieces
  • Place a seasonal vignette on tables or nightstands
  • Hang banners across the headboard
  • Add seasonal pillows, throws or bedding
  • Place 2-4 foot trees in crates, baskets or buckets
  • Burn a seasonal candle


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… I hope you enjoy my blue Christmas decor as much as I do.  If not, just replace the blue with your favorite color! Either way, here are some amazing gift wrap ideas that were originally featured in Modern Texas Living magazine last year.


Y’all, I am just getting started on the Christmas inspiration, so be sure to subscribe to the blog, here! It is my favorite time of the year… I love all the twinkle lights, the holiday decorations, and fun family traditions.

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  1. Love your bedroom decorated with all the blues, Amy!!! Good inspiration here as I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with our bedroom. <3

    Enjoy your holiday season and Christmas,
    Barb 🙂

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