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Often times, I have leftover project materials that I want to put to use or re-purpose into something different.  I know it drives my husband crazy, but I kind of hoard pallets and old fence boards in our workshop.  Other times, I see something that I like in magazines or on Pinterest, but I can’t find the exact item in stores.  Then there are the times, that I go on a decor diet, and challenge myself to not buy anything new.  But being a serial decorator, I need ‘new’ stuff to decorate with.  Whatever the reason, I often get the itch to build something for my home and it is just the creative outlet that I need.
Last Spring, I scoured an old farmhouse being torn down for chippy shiplap to build a frame for my vintage inspired cow print.  The rest of the shiplap was waiting to be used.
Here’s a quick and easy DIY that I built using items around my home.  See honey, I did use the board in the wood pile for something good!
In just a few simple steps, I built this crate to be used as a centerpiece on my dining table.
1. Find or buy a long piece of wood at least 4 inches wide and several feet long.
The board I used is 7 feet long. The length needed will be determined by the length of the box.  You can use a weathered fence panel,  a piece of old barn wood, disassembled pallet wood or chippy shiplap like the one I used here.  If you can not find reclaimed wood, you can certainly buy new 1″x 5″ pine or new shiplap boards.  Aged, weathered, or chippy wood adds character to the box, but you can always paint, stain, sand and or distress to achieve the look that you want.
2.  Decide on the measurements of the box.
 You can make a box to fit the size of your table if you plan to use it as a centerpiece or to fit specific items.  I wanted to use mason jars as vases, so I measured the width of one mason jar and length of 5 mason jars lined up in a row.  I added two inches to each to account for the width of the wood that would overlap when adhered together.  My box measures 6 inches wide by 22 inches long.
3. Cut the wood.
You will cut two of the shorter end pieces and 3 pieces for the sides and bottom using a table saw.
4.  Glue, then nail or screw the boards together.
Lay the bottom piece down and add wood glue to the ends before placing the the end piece on top.  Use a brad nailer to secure the pieces together.  Next add the two side pieces with glue and brad nails as well.
Notice how the sides overlap the ends. This is obviously a vintage inspired crate.  If you wanted a more seamless look, you can always use a kreg drill to screw together from the inside. But I like DIYeazy and embracing perfect imperfections!
5.  Decorate!
Fill vases with fresh or flowers or greenery or use other decor pieces  like candles.  I laid down a piece of wood one foot long on the inside of the crate to add height to the three jars in the center.
Wildflowers in Texas are abundant in the Springtime and remind me of growing up in the country, so I love to include them in a few Spring centerpieces.

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