Easy, No Sew DIY Tea Towel Curtains

Want to make tea towel curtains? I have an easy, no sew DIY to make curtains from your favorite tea towels.  It is so easy, that you may think why am I even putting it in a blog post!  You can use this technique on smaller windows or under sinks like in a kitchen, bath or laundry room. I used this idea to add tea towel curtains to a hutch in my breakfast room.  The previous doors were too ornate for my taste, so I simply removed them.  If you are interested in seeing how I painted the grain sack stripes inside the cabinet, check out this blog post, DIY grain sack striped cabinet.  If you have a piece of furniture that you don’t love, don’t be afraid to make it your own.




Why tea towels?

I love tea towels, because they are affordable and there are so many cute designs available. I can easily find them in home decor shops, online or department stores.  They are a great way to add a pop of color, funny saying or a pretty graphic to your kitchen.  You can hang them on hooks, appliances or include them on a tray in a kitchen vignette.  I have often used smaller tea towels as ‘napkins’ in my place settings when they match the style of the tablescape.  My favorite are the flour sack tea towels, because I love the vintage look and feel. They are called ‘tea towels,’ because they originally were used to dry fine china and tea sets.



How to Make Tea Towel Curtains

  1. Measure the space that you will hang the tension rods, because they come in a variety of lengths.  I found tension rods like these from Amazon.  Depending on the cabinet opening, you will also need to use the longer style tea towels.
  2. Lay the tea towel face down on the floor and place the tension rod about2-3 inches from the top.  The length of your tea towels and how you want them to hang in the cabinet opening will determine how far down you place the fold. Basically fold, the same height as the cabinet door opening.
  3. Fold the tea towel over the rod and pin in place. I started in the center and worked my way out using 5 small clothespins to hold in place. Pin right under the rod so the towel is tight but can still slide over the rod.
  4. Replace the tension rod inside the cabinet door.


It has been several weeks since I made these tea towel curtains and these have held up great. Eventually, I would like a different print on a tea towel or a patterned fabric.  Maybe by then, I will break out my sewing machine or I may use the curtain clip rings like these.  Having this temporary will allow me to change out for the upcoming holidays and seasons, until I decide on a permanent solution. These farm animal tea towels are from Target.



Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor for an easy and affordable DIY that you can do to make your house a home.  Pin this on your DIY Pinterest board or follow me on instagram at @cutertudor for more home decor and DIY inspiration.  I hope you make your own tea towel curtains.  #cutertudored

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