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How to Clean a White Couch

How to Clean a White Couch with Slipcovers

I have had a white slipcovered couch for almost three years. It’s my favorite, because it’s versatile to decorate and fairly simple to clean.

However, I admit that it was easier to keep clean before I had to mini dachshunds. While Scooby and Scout know that they are not supposed to lay on the couch, they find exceptions.  For example, they crawl right into my lap or onto a throw blanket. Therefore, they are not technically ‘on the couch.’ But lately, they are napping right on my white couch! So, I find myself cleaning the white couch more often. 

How to clean a white couch:

  1. Vacuum pet hair as needed. In addition, I like to vacuum the hair off prior to washing just to make sure extra dog hair is not swirling around in the washing machine.
  2. Pretreat any stains. For this, I use a spray stain remover like Spray ‘N Wash or Resolve. Spray liberally and allow 5+ minutes to sit.
  3. Remove slipcovers. I find it easier to treat mild stains before removing the slipcovers. However, for heavily soiled stains that need more product saturation, remove prior to treating.
  4. Then, place in washing machine with cleaner.  Specifically, wash the seat and pillow covers separate from the couch slipcover as to not overload the machines. I prefer to use the Tide laundry powder, but pods work, too. Then, add in a scoop of Oxi-Clean OR a cup of bleach into the dispenser. Don’t add bleach directly to fabric. If white couch is a creamy white color, rather than bright white, I don’t recommend bleach because it will affect the shade of white. 
  5. Wash… Use the ‘bright white’ setting and or set to the hottest temperature of water.
  6. Dry on low heat for about 15+ minutes. I don’t recommend fully drying, but remove when slightly damp to prevent shrinking and allow more stretch. If needed, hang or lay flat for 30 minutes. 
  7. Replace slipcovers on couch.  I like to put the slipcovers on before they are completely dry as to prevent wrinkles from forming. In addition, I use my hands to flatten the fabric.

For small stains, especially between cleanings, use a Tide To Go stain removal pen or Folex carpet spot remover spray.  The Folex cleaner can also be used on most upholstered furniture, as well. 

For tough stains, try dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Always test fabric in a inconspicuous place.

Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope these tips are helpful if you have or are considering a white couch. Please share this post for anyone looking to learn how to clean a white couch!

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