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Vintage Christmas Decor to DIY with Architectural Finds

A few months ago, I found three architectural pieces at the junk store for $3 each. I knew that the chippy paint and wood character would look great grouped together in a gallery wall, so I brought them home.  Later, I remembered these mini wreaths with greenery that I had used as napkin rings for a tablescape.  I thought that they would look cute hung on the architectural finds.  Within a few minutes, I was able to create this DIY vintage Christmas decor using items that I already had.  Next time that you are out thriftin’, keep your eyes open for chippy architectural finds that you can add into your decor.  I used these vintage wood moldings, but you can also cut wood planks from an old fence or dismantle the sides of an old crate.  I just love the charm and character of old wood, especially finds from old homes. 


architectural finds, mini wreath


What you need to make your Vintage Christmas Decor: 

  • faux greenery twine or fresh sprigs of greenery
  • mini grapevine wreaths 
  • holiday figurines like bottle brush trees, deer
  • vintage architectural pieces – cut planks of wood work too
  • hot glue gun and sticks


Make the Mini Wreaths

The mini grapevine wreaths are from Hobby Lobby and the boxwood greenery twine is from the Target Dollar Spot.  First, I took my greenery and looped it through the grapevine wreath.  If necessary, you can add a dot of hot glue to hold in place.  Next, I took my craft bag of mini Christmas figurines and chose a few that worked well together.  You can find figurines in the craft stores like Michael’s or Joann’s.  I love the look of the vintage christmas looking ones, like the white bottle brush trees.  Using hot glue, I glued the bottom of figurines onto the center of the grapevine wreaths. For a grouping or set, make sure your figurines work individually and together.  


Assemble the Wreath on the Architectural Find

Lastly, hot glue the mini wreath onto your architectural find. To add a hanger, you can nail a saw tooth hook to the back.  However, I was in the craft room and made a quick hook by twisting a 3 inch piece of pipe cleaner into a loop. Then, I hot glued the loop to the back with a lot of hot glue.  These are hung using 3m hooks, since I didn’t want to add a nail into my wall for seasonal decor.  


Hang and enjoy!

I love the little reindeer and bottle brush trees. They have a nostalgic feel of Christmas time at your grandparents’ home that I am always drawn towards.  Paired with the chippy architectural finds, it is vintage Christmas decor that I could totally keep hanging around year round!  Maybe for the Spring, I can replace the deer and trees with flowers.  Hmmmm, my wheels are always turning!  


Thank you for stopping by the Cuter Tudor!  If you love Christmas DIYs as much as I do, check out the my DIY snow globes on the previous post, Christmas DIY Blog Hop.  Most importantly, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! When things get really busy during this time of year, I tend to retreat and stay home.  I will always be a homebody, especially when it is cold outside and I just want to be cozy.  However, I think it is important to be intentional with our time.  Do some baking, make some crafts and enjoy the little things this holiday season. It is the traditions that always bring us home, even if home is just a feeling!  

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