How to Style a Tray for Spring

Let’s style a tray for Spring!

Three Tips to Style a Tray for Spring

Tip 1: Choose a theme and color scheme. 

First, choose a theme to decorate the tiered tray. As far as theme, it can be as simple as ‘spring time’ to something more specific like ‘Easter bunnies.’ My favorite motifs for Spring are birds, bunnies and flowers. Next, pick a color combination to guide your design choices. For example, pastels are popular for Spring, but I tend to use blues and greens in my home.

Tip 2: Use this design formula to style a tray!

This is an easy formula that I use when decorating tiered or flat trays. Basically, include something from each group including greenery, dishwater, art and themed decor. I simply use this as a guide when I’m shopping or searching through my decor to style a tray. However, if you choose to display a particular collection or use a tray more functionally, that’s perfectly okay too!

  • Greenery – miniature potted plants, plant orbs, faux flowers, moss balls
  • Dishware – stacks of appetizer plates, ramekins, mugs, egg cups
  • Art – miniature artwork, signs or wood cutouts
  • Themed Decor – seasonal or holiday decorations, figurines, or candles

To vary the height of objects, I use miniature pedestals or cupcake stands, wooden risers or stacks of mini bread boards or coasters. Plate stands or small easels are perfect to display small plates or framed art and signs. I usually find those from Hobby Lobby. However, the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart has fun patterned dip bowls, coasters and pedestals that are the perfect size for tiered trays.

Greenery + Dishware + Art + Themed Decor

Cuter Tudor’s Tiered Tray Styling Formula

Tip 3. Decorate with a variety of textures.

When selecting pieces to style a tray, include wood, metal, glass, textiles (paper or cloth) or natural elements. By using a variety of different textures, the tray will appear more interesting to the eye. Just be sure to spread out similar colors and textures on each tier of the tray to lead the viewer’s eye to the next level. In addition, you can add visual texture by adding stacks of the same item.

I found the cutest seasonal decor made from hand cut reclaimed wood at Rustic Occasions! That’s where the blue bunny and yellow chick wood cutouts are from!

Where to Find Tiered Trays

One of my favorite online shops for trays is Antique Farmhouse. For instance, that’s where I found the rectangular wooden tray and the round galvanized metal tiered tray. However, Hobby Lobby is a great source, too!

I hoped you learned a few things to style a tray for seasonal decor. Lastly, if you are looking for some Easter tablescape inspiration, check out these blog posts.

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