The Gift of Starbucks!

I go to Starbucks more than I should because I love their mocha latte and frappuccinos! Now that I know that they have sweetened black tea too, I have no way to break free from the caffeine addiction!  So while I was getting my daily dose of caffeine yesterday, I discovered a cute, easy and totally affordable way to get ALL of my daughter’s teachers and coaches gifts knocked out in ONE trip!
Simply, get a few Starbucks gift cards, reusable cups and package it up cute!
While standing in line at Starbucks, I noticed these super cute reusable cups with lids in fun, holiday colors, which are currently 25% off – as of December 3rd!  So $7.50 for 6 cups!
I imagined that these cups accompanied with a gift card would be a great token of appreciation for teachers, coaches, and service employees like the postman, ups driver, or garbage pickup guys….You know, those people that help us every week!
So, here are all the cute cup designs!   I mean, can I keep a few?! Heck, yes!  I think the inspirational messages will be perfect for teachers and coaches!
So when I ordered my venti mocha latte, I also picked up a few gift cards, which are also available in lots of cute holiday designs! I mean, c’mon’ those deer in the forest are adorable, y’all!  Adorable!!!! Y’all know I love snow globes too, so another favorite!
While I was waiting for my coffee, I asked the barista for additional bags for each cup that I had purchased.  Then she asked if I wanted tissue paper, as well!  Um, yes!  That means I dont have to stop at another store to spend 20 more dollars in gift bags and tissue paper!   I really don’t feel like a ‘cheapo’ using Starbucks bags to gift because I am giving Starbucks so it isn’t weird!
If you would rather spend your money on the gift card, you can always ask the barista for one of the regular to go cups to stash the gift card!  But these were too cute to resist!
Now to package each cup and gift card pretty!!!
Just place a few sheets of tissue paper in each bag!  Do everything like an assembly line and you will have this knocked out in no time.

You can add some shredded crinkle paper to each cup!  I used leftover easter grass – the paper kind, so it doesn’t look like easter grass!  It just makes the gift card stand out!
Now that your bags and gift cards are ready, you just need a gift tag!  I love using the Christmas inspired clothespin clips to attach gift tags for a fun touch!  I found a strand of these felt deer clothespins on a garland for $1 at Dollar General last year.  The jute is tangled so I just decided to cute it apart and use the reindeer clips to attach each gift tag!
I used these the reindeer clips to attach these cards that I had purchased last year.  The bifold cards are actually made for baked goods placed in ziplock bags, but I knew if I hadn’t used them by now, I never would.  They were perfect to include a hand written note and dress up the bag.  I believe these cards are from Hobby Lobby…
Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I hit up their Christmas Clearance in January last year to stock up on gift tags and Santa clips!  At 80 % off in January, it doesn’t hurt to grab a few packages of tags and holiday paper for your wrapping station!
So how is that for knocking out ten gifts in a matter of minutes?  All while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.
You can see how adding a few tags in holiday colors can dress up the Starbucks bags!
I hope you find some quick, easy and affordable ideas for giving gift cards this holiday season!
Thanks for stopping by the Cuter Tudor!  Happy Holidays!

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