Tips to Giving Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts make great gifts because they are one of a kind and let the gift recipient know that you are thinking of them. Seeing your name instantly makes you feel special. In addition, they become keepsakes for years to come. Lastly, personalizing items that are taken to work, school, or travel keeps them safer. They are the answer to what to put in a gift basket, too.

Many personalized gifts can be found on Personalization Mall. Use my code: CTRTDR for 20% off. They are great for any holiday, season or gift giving situation from baby showers to graduations. Plus, personalization is always free and items ship fast! They have an amazing selection of exclusive products! Here are a few that I chose for my daughter. Shhh, she hasn’t seen it yet.

What to Put in Gift Baskets

Another way that I like to give personalized gifts is in a gift basket. When putting together a gift basket, choose a theme and color scheme that the recipient enjoys. Next, find a container that fits the theme, and is part of the gift too. Having a theme will guide you when you are shopping for items to go into the basket. Gift baskets are great for any event from birthdays to ‘thinking of you’ and for anyone from clients to hosts, family and friends.

Another tip for gift baskets is to use a variety of items… for kids, think of something they need, want, wear and play or read! Or, think of items that appeal to the 5 senses… something soft, something tasty, something that smells good, something pretty, and something that they’ve been telling you they love, so that they know you have been listening. You can read how I appeal to the senses when creating gift baskets, here.

Here is the gift basket that I put together for my teenage daughter for Easter. As soon as Spring arrives, we spend our time at the pool, lake or beach, so these pieces will be loved and used often! First, I started with a matching tote and makeup bag from to hold everything. Then, I added a wooden Easter basket tag, acrylic tumbler and a super soft beach towel from Personalization Mall. Next, I filled it with a few snacks and necessities for warmer weather like flip flops, sunscreen and lip gloss.

I hope these tips for personalized gifts from Personalization Mall and what to put in a gift basket help with your gift giving ideas.

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