Easter Basket Ideas for Baby, Kids, Teen

Easter Basket Ideas

Here are my favorite Easter Basket Ideas that I use when creating Easter baskets for my own kids, nieces and nephews. However, these tips transcend to almost any type of gift basket. If you need more general gift basket ideas, read this blog post.

Gift baskets have always been a fun way to give a one of a kind gift. Actually, I enjoy being able to personalize the contents and assemble the basket in a creative way.  Therefore, it is important to pick things that represent the recipient’s favorite character, color, sport or past time. Then, package them as cute as you can!

Easter Basket Guide

1. Set a budget.

First, choose a budget that you are comfortable spending and stick with it! Then, get a variety of filler items from my list of Easter basket ideas. For instance, these baskets look like they cost a lot more than they do, because they are packaged so cute. However, most of the items are from the Target Dollar Spot.

2. Think outside the box.

There are lots of super cute traditional Easter baskets available, because Target does exist. However, there are many options when picking what to use as a basket.  What about toys that double as containers like dump trucks, sand buckets or a tackle box for your little fisherman? Or zippered cosmetic or bikini bags for girls, drawstring backpacks or hats turned upside down for boys? Even wooden caddies or metal crates that can later double as room décor can be gift baskets.

3. Get personal.

Kids love to see their name in print. Therefore, personalize their basket or a few goodies inside with the child’s name.  For example, water bottles, bags, and stationary are great items to monogram, because they often travel with kids to school, daycare, or summer camp.  There are many monogram and embroidery shops online and locally.  Or you can do it yourself with a vinyl cutter, sharpie paint pens or alphabet stickers  from the craft store.

If you are in Waco, I use W Promotions  at 906 Austin Ave.

4. Focus on adventure.  

Choose items that encourage indoor and outdoor play, active learning or fun experiences.  For instance, this may mean tickets to the museum, movies or zoo.  In addition it could be a kite to fly at the park, flower seeds to plant, or water balloons to throw at your older brother.  Plus, science, art and garden kits always spark the imagination and curiosity.  Lastly, create an Easter egg scavenger hunt that the family can enjoy together.

5. Be practical.

Include something that the kids use daily like festive socks, battery operated toothbrushes, or character band-aids.  Nothing feels better than brand new pajamas and I am a sucker for matching family pjs!  Think of items that are fun but useful too– swim goggles and flip flops for the pool, an umbrella and rain boots for Spring, extra baseballs for hitting practice.  This ensures that the items will not end up in the big Semi Annual Closet Cleanup!

6. Stay healthy.

It is the only way that you can avoid eating all the candy you swore not to. Let’s face it… by midnight on Easter I’ll be hitting up my kids basket for candy.  So, provide a few healthy snacks like trail mix, beef jerky, fruit snacks, Goldfish, or Gerber puffs for the little ones, etc… Of course, include your kid’s favorite Easter treat like marshmallow Peeps or a chocolate bunny!

Easter Basket Ideas for Fillers

I have listed some of my favorite Easter Basket ideas to fill your child’s basket by age. In addition, on the left of the chart, I included a few guidelines for ‘type of filler’ in order to provide you with a variety of gift options.  Therefore, you will have a basket that includes things for inside and outside play, and spark learning in your child, too. However, don’t let the list overwhelm you, momma!  Just pick a few things that you know your kid will love most! Above all, it’s always the thought that counts.


For more ideas and links to products for the Best Easter Basket for Teen Girls, read this blog post.

How to Make an Easter Basket

Basket Assembly Tips:

  • For deeper containers, first crumple Kraft paper or newspaper in the bottom to add height.  This will allow items to protrude out of the basket.  Next, cover the paper with Easter grass or crinkle paper.  However, skip the first step in small containers.
  • Then, place taller items in the back of the basket.  For example, stand books to add support to smaller objects placed in the front.
  • Use clear packing tape or dots of hot glue to hold items together.

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