Artwork for my Freshly Remodeled Master Bathroom

My master bathroom remodel is finally complete.  I have found a few touches of decor and the perfect artwork for my master bathroom from Kirkland’s.


I love this beautifully detailed canvas of a flower painted in soothing cool colors and creamy whites.



One of the rooms that can be hard to find artwork is the bathroom.  You may remember that I had this master bathroom remodeled over 6 months ago. I have hung several different prints but was not happy with any of them in this room, until I found this large scale floral artwork from Kirkland’s. I think my mistake was that I kept using small prints and didn’t think to use such a large format piece of art in a small space.




Sometimes all you need to bring a room alive is a large scale artwork to make a big impact, especially in small spaces.




Kirkland’s is having a Black Friday in July sale July 9 through July 15 on select art pieces, lamps, mirrors, furniture, clocks, outdoor accessories and more!  Select art is 50 percent off! Y’all, that’s an amazing deal! I can’t wait to go Black Friday shopping in the middle of July!



The color of my master bathroom closet door is called ‘sea salt.’  It is one shade lighter than the cabinets which are painted with ‘silver mist.’ These colors sound as relaxing as they look.  This floral painting has the same soothing colors.





I love the selection of home décor at Kirkland’s, but the quality and style got me hooked!  Look at the beautiful details in the painting.





I encourage you to use botanical prints and greenery for a classic style and organic feel in any room of your home. Plants, whether fresh or faux, breathe life into any space. I like to use faux florals in a variety of vases and baskets to add texture and color.





It makes sense to continue this idea and include artwork with floral motifs.



I love how the artwork has completed this room.  I tried to create a spa like feel in my master bathroom.  It is definitely a place to retreat to at the end of the day.



Hurry to Kirklands where you will find more décor for your home!  Sale ends July 15th!


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2 thoughts on “Artwork for my Freshly Remodeled Master Bathroom

  1. Hi Amy. Your bathroom cabinets caught my eye. I began looking for the link to the remodel after reading this comment: “You may remember that I had this master bathroom remodeled over 6 months ago.” I can’t find the link for the remodel, however. Would love to see a closeup or a better picture of the bathroom cabinets, they are just beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your interest. I think my original blog post on my bathroom makeover didn’t get moved over when I switched blog platforms last month. I will try to get the post back on the blog by the end of the week. It has a lot of pics of our bathroom!

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