DIY Grain Sack Striped Cabinet

Two years ago, I bought a blue hutch when I was in a pinch for furniture.  I didn’t love it, so I decided to transform it into a DIY grain sack striped cabinet that I could love.  It is a quick and easy way to update a glass door hutch but it also works on the back of open bookshelves.  I like the look of grain sack stripes because  it has a cottage feel. With some leftover paint and painters tape, you can transform your furniture into pieces that you love!

I don’t have a better pic, but here is one that shows the hutch how I originally got it from a junkin’ store.  I liked the blue color but the style of the furniture is not my favorite.  I removed the ornate doors and original hardware, but still didn’t love it.  The back of the cabinet is a dark color so I decided to brighten it up.



I removed each panel from the back of the hutch with a hammer.  It is just MDF tacked on with small nails.  I used Kilz white paint and primer to paint the each panel white and let dry.

I determined that two sets of stripes would look best on each panel. The board is about twenty six inches wide, so I determined the center of the board was thirteen inches.  From there, I found the center for each half (6.5 inches and 19.5 from the left) to determine where the center of the middle stripes would be.  Using painters tape, I marked off the stripes. Each set includes two thin stripes on both sides of a thicker stripe.  I used the width of the tape, one inch, for the outer stripes and two inches for the center stripe.  Rub down the tape to ensure paint does not get under the tape.  I used a small brush and painted the stripes between the tape.  I just used grey latex paint that I had leftover from a previous project.

I removed the painters tape when the grey color was still wet and then let the paint dry.  Once dry, I used small tack nails to reattach the board to the back of the cabinet.

Here is how it turned out.  I think it is brighter and a little more cottage style.  You can do any style of stripes and painters tape makes it easy!

Here is how it currently looks in my breakfast area.  I think I want to make some easy, no sew fabric curtains for the open shelves on the bottom half of the cabinet.  It will give it more of a country, cottage style that I love.

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