DIY Summer Decor: Wooden Tags for Wreath

I’m happy to share a few easy DIY Summer decor ideas with y’all! For most of my seasonal DIY’s, I typically come up with ideas after rummaging leftover materials from projects in my craft room and workshop (where I keep my tools and wood). I am not sure if it’s because I don’t like leaving my house, or if I just enjoy the challenge of using what I have. Either way, these wooden tags are an easy and inexpensive DIY – Do It Yourself – to decorate your front door.

Summer Decor for your Front Door

Cut. Drill. Sand.

  1. First, cut a sheet of plywood into two 12″ long x 6″ wide rectangles. Then, cut two angled corners on either end with a triangular ruler.
  2. On the angled end, drill a hole one inch down from the center.
  3. Third, use an electric sander with a medium grit sandpaper to smooth the wood and soften the edges.

Paint. Stencil. Distress.

  1. Spray paint both pieces of wood with white spray paint. Or, any outdoor safe paint! Dry.
  2. Tape a star stencil onto one of the pieces of wood. Then, paint blue.
  3. Place painter’s tape over the wood lengthwise. Use the width of the tape to space out the stripes. Then, paint with red paint.
  4. Once dry, distress the edges and surface with the electric sander. Do not sand directly across the red and white stripes as red paint may smudge.
  5. Lastly, string the two wooden tags together with cord, rope or ribbon.

These wooden tags are a cute way to add a seasonal touch to plain wreaths. The best part is that you can decorate these tags with any color of paint or patterned stencil. In addition, you can personalize with your last name if you have lettered stickers or a cutting machine like the Cricut. However, I chose Stars and Stripes for a patriotic touch to my summer decor. Often, I decorate with red, white and blue between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Hang. Enjoy!

Simply, tuck into a wreath or a basket of faux flowers to display. However, you may need to secure it with floral wire to ensure it stays in place. If hanging wooden tags directly on the front door, add a fluffy bow!

Lastly, check out these out of the box wreaths, here. Or, read this blog post for more Summer Decor ideas.

Lastly, if you need a visual, head over to my Instagram page for this DIY video!

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