DIY Summer Decor: Custom Banner

Here’s a super simple way to create a custom banner that works in your summer decor. The best part of this DIY is that it is easily customizable. Therefore, you can decorate it with any stencil or paint to match the patterns and colors of any holiday or seasonal decor. Since I love the coastal style, I am painting with a blue and white color palette. Then, using stars and stripes for a patriotic vibe. However, you can use alphabetical or numerical stencils to personalize it, too.

DIY Custom Banner


  • unfinished wood banner
  • acrylic or spray paint in colors of your choice, paintbrushes if necessary
  • sandpaper
  • painters tape
  • star stencil (or any stencil you like)
  • jute or ribbon
  • patriotic paper straws
  • scissors

I found this wooden custom banner at the craft store, probably Micheal’s or Joann. However, you can find unfinished wood decor at Walmart, Amazon or other craft stores. In addition, paper straws can be found in the party section of most stores like Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Lastly, if you have a decal cutting machine, like the Cricut, you can create stickers to use as stencils.

Paint. Stencil. Distress.

  1. Paint the wood with white paint. Spray paint is the fastest way. Allow to dry.
  2. Next, place painter’s tape lengthwise to space out the stripes onto half of the wood pieces. Paint with red acrylic or spray paint. However, I chose blue for a monochromatic look.
  3. Then, tape a star stencil onto the other half of the wood and paint blue. 
  4. Once dry, distress the edges and surface with sand paper. For a smoother finish, use a fine grit sandpaper. However, for a more distressed look, use 80-100 grit sandpaper.

Drill. Cut. String.

  1. If the wood cutouts do not have two holes at the top to hang, create your own with a drill. This custom banner was pre-drilled.
  2. Next, cut patterned paper straws to fit in between the holes.
  3. Then, cut a piece of jute or ribbon long enough to string the banner together and hang.
  4. Pull the jute from the back to the front of the wood, add the paper straw, and push through the back. Repeat. Lastly, hang to display!

Tip: Wrap tape around one end of the jute to make it easier to push through the holes. Specifically, the tape will act as a needle to guide the string through the opening.

custom wood banner

Thank you for stopping by the blog! Please share this custom banner to your craft board on Pinterest. Lastly, check out how I made these wooden tags for a wreath using the same technique.

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