Have you noticed the trend for all things cacti lately?  I see them on everything from fashion to home decor and party supplies!  Even in the pasture!  I just love the look of cactus, maybe it reminds me of Texas!  Between cacti and succulents, I have a 73 percent of keeping either of these alive.  Any other type of plant usually rates under 8 percent.
 Source:  Jonnell Chavez print and Boe Jack Designs clutch, available on Etsy
My family and I love to entertain and enjoy meals outside during the Spring and Summer months.  Recently, I found some fun cactus inspired dishes for our outside patio area.  I just love using the color green outdoors and fresh greenery!  Even though, my greenery is usually faux, I do dabble in growing real plants when I can.
My husband and I recently declared one Saturday as ‘family yard day.’  Y’all know yard work is hard work, but team work makes the dream work.  We headed to Home Depot for plants and mulch to freshen up our flower beds.  Remember how I told you my success rate with plants was low; yep, we had quite a few die over the winter.
I thought my daughter, whose eleven, would enjoy planting something in pots, for part of her contribution to yard work, so we picked up a few cacti.  Are you thinking why would I let my child touch cactus?  We live on the dangerous side over here!  I secretly needed cactus for my outdoor tablescape.  Really, plants are a great way to teach kids about responsibility and nature!!  So maybe if you have younger kids, succulents would be a better alternative.
All you need are some small plants, potting mix, planters or containers and small pebbles.
So we all know and love the Target Dollar Spot!  If you don’t, you need to fix that, so we can still be friends!!  What once was known as a cheap place for teachers to find ‘back to school’ stickers and kids to pick a small toy for being good while mom shopped, okay somewhat good, like the kid only ran off once, the Target Dollar Spot has some pretty amazing prices for small home and holiday decor.  Every spring, I find the cutest planters!
1.  Wear your daddy’s work gloves, but any will do.  Loosen the plant in the plastic pot by squeezing the outside edges to break up the soil which will allow it to slide out freely.
2.  Fill the planter about 1/4 full with pebbles to help with drainage.
3.  Add a potting mix to the planter and push aside the soil in the center.
4.  Add your plant and more soil if needed.  If you want, you can add pebbles or moss to cover the soil.
5.  Water your plant, because plants like water.  Cacti and succulents like small amounts of water, even being misted from a water bottle, which makes it fun for small kids.
6.  Cleanup!  Rinse off your pot.  Put up your tools.  Watch it grow.
No child was harmed in the planting of these cacti.  I just hope these cacti can read!
Be sure to check back soon for my outdoor cactus inspired tablescape.

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