How to Style A Neutral Fall Centerpiece

Style a layered tablescape with this neutral Fall centerpiece featuring some of fall’s favorite textures and wood decor. 


For this season, I styled a neutral fall centerpiece for a casual tablescape.  When it comes to Fall, I think of beautiful textures, natural elements and pumpkins! I like to mix and match decor that I already own to create a fresh new look and add in a few seasonal touches.


Fall Table decor
Fall Centerpiece for Table


Decor Tips to Style a Neutral Fall Centerpiece

Use Variety

In the season of Pumpkin Spice everything,variety is still the spice of life.  Specifically, use a variety of textures when decorating with neutral decor.  The neutral colors will create a sense of calmness, but adding a variety of texture will make the space come alive.  I have mixed felted wool, cable knit and textured fabric pumpkins in my fall tablescape.  Wood adds warmth to a space, and using a range of wood tones is.a great way to add contrast and shake things up!  Also, mix and match old and new!  Vintage decor like these wooden spindles or worn cutting boards gives character and to the centerpiece.


Neutral Fall tablescape ideas
Use a variety of textures, wood tones add contrast to neutrals.


Fall Centerpiece in Neutral Tablescape
Fill a crate with candles, faux greenery and something fun like wooden spindles.



Find Balance

It is important to have balance in any well designed space.  Using symmetry is an easy way to achieve balance, but an asymmetrical composition can work when you are working with a mixture of different pieces.  I started my centerpiece by filling a crate with candles, spindles and a felt garland in the center of the table. On either side, I layered pumpkins on stands with other similar elements like wood beads, cotton balls, and word cutouts.  The tablescape is balanced, because the objects take up about the same amount of space, while using similar colors, textures and shapes. I often use symmetry, but wanted this fall tablescape to feel more organic.


Fall Inspired Tablescape Decor
Balance a long centerpiece using similar elements, colors, sizes of objects.


Work in Layers


Whether it is wall decor or tablescapes, layering is one way to achieve interest through depth and dimension.  Varying the height of objects amongst one another creates layers of depth and visual interest.  This can be achieved by using cake pedestals, decorative stools, risers, or layering objects like books or cutting boards, as I have used here.  Draping wood beads over the centerpiece provides another textural element to this space and leads the eye through the centerpiece.  By repeating some of the same elements, you can build up the layers in a vignette while creating repetition in design. Repetition leads the eye throughout the tablescape.  Little details like the word cutouts are put there for several reasons.  They build layers, add interest and create unity in the centerpiece when used repeatedly.


It is a good idea to mix the materials that you are using between layers. I put fabric pumpkins on ceramic pedestals placed on wooden cutting boards layered over burlap.   The burlap table runner is the first thing that I put on the table to soften the look between the woods.


Neutral Table Decor for Fall
If you are drawn to neutral decor like me, use a variety of tones and textures to elevate your style.



Layering elements, using a variety of materials and finding balance are great principles to use when decorating a room or a centerpiece for dining table.  These are ideas I always keep in mind when styling a neutral fall centerpiece. I hope you found some inspiration today and check out my other fall tablescapes, like this one!  Thank you for stopping by the blog!  Follow me on instagram @cutertudor and pin any ideas on your Pinterest board to try out later!


Casual Elegant Dining Room Inspired by Fall
Neutral Dining Room Inspired by Fall


Here are a few things that I used if you are looking for sources:

Felt pumpkins, felt leaf garland, burlap table runner – Marshalls

Wood beads, mini stool – The Findery in Waco, Texas

Gather Here crate – Code: CUTERTUDOR for 10% off at Krumpet’s Home Decor

Mini Word Cutouts – Target Dollar Spot

Cable knit pumpkins – Joann’s 

Small cutting board – World Market




Pinterest ready pin for neutral decor
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