DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

While I love shopping for home and holiday decor, like I never get tired of it; I often like to make my own stuff.  I build some stuff to last years and some things, I just make for a special event or to use up leftover materials.  When we switched to a Keurig last year, I had a lot of coffee filters that we no longer used.  Why throw away $2 of coffee filters when you can spend four hours make a wreath??  Lol…that’s how the creative mind works!  So, the coffee filter wreath came to fruition!
 1.  Fold the coffee filters into quarters – that’s in half twice!  Do this almost 200 times!  I think I used almost one pack of coffee filters for this project, because I liked the fullness. These are the natural filters which I bought from Walmart, but white ones work too.
2.  Fold the tip of the folded end about half an inch.  This will allow you to glue the underside of the fold and the coffee filter will stand up.
3.  I used a straw wreath form, but didn’t remove the plastic wrap.  I just hot glued right onto the plastic wrap, because I don’t like to sweep, ever.  Straw and floral moss are so messy, so I try to keep it under wraps!  So with your hot glue gun, get going!  Glue the tip of the filter in a slightly overlapping pattern.  So that the filters covered the form fully, I off centered each one in the opposite direction, overlapping the middle.  If you have extra after you make it around,  use those to fill in any empty spots.
4.  Lastly, add a handle to hang.  I just hot glued a double knotted loop of jute to the top.
5.  Style it up!  You can display it as is or add a bow, greenery or seasonal items.

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