DIY Napkin rings placed on place setting for Christmas

DIY Gifts for Christmas: Napkin Rings

12 DIYs of Christmas: Napkin Rings

DIY Gifts for Christmas

This is day one of my 12 DIYs of Christmas! For the next few weeks, I am sharing 12 EASY, AFFORDABLE DIYs that you can do to decorate your home for the holidays or use as DIY gifts for Christmas.

Today, I am showing you how to make berry garland napkin rings for $1!  Then, I will share where to buy this berry garland and how to fold napkins with a napkin ring.

The reason I love DIY’s is because I love to create personalized decor that not everyone has. In addition, I think that decorating your home, especially for the holidays, should be fun and affordable.  With a little creativity, you can make anything!

How to fold napkins with napkin rings using a trifold to make the napkin look like a bow.

How to Make Berry Garland Napkin Rings

Prep: First, unwind the garland and cut into six 18 inch segments or four 27 inch segments. The longer the garland, the  more beads will be on the ring.  Specifically, I used 27 inches of garland.

Step 1.  You can use 3-4 fingers or a metal/ceramic napkin ring as a guide.  Wrap the beaded garland completely around your fingers or a napkin ring. This should make 4+ loops.

Step 2.  Then, slide the garland off the ring/fingers.  Next, push the ends of the garland through the middle of ring.

Step 3. Lastly, wrap the ends of the garland several times around the ring. If you feel the need, you can dab some hot glue on the ends, but I didn’t find this necessary.

Where to buy berry garland?

The 9 foot berry garland is currently available at Dollar Tree.  It is available with pearly white, red or gold berries. In addition, you can find similar garlands at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Joann.

Y’all, this DIY project only cost me $1 to make 4 napkin rings. However, I found similar berry garland napkin rings online for $3-$5 each.

The berry garland pictured is wrapped wire which works great to make napkin rings.

How to fold napkins with a napkin ring?

  • Open napkin and lay flat. Then, pull one set of opposite corners together. In center of triangle, pinch and pull the napkin through the ring.
  • Fold napkin in half; then fold into thirds.  This will make a rectangle that can be pulled through the napkin ring to look like a bow. Fluff accordingly.
  • Lay napkin flat; then accordion fold using both hands on either end. Next, fold the folded napkin in half to pull through the napkin ring. Lastly, fan the napkin out.
  • Lay napkin flat; roll half of the napkin inward. Then, roll the other half until it meets in the middle. Fold the rolled napkin in half to pull through the ring.


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These berry garland napkin rings make the perfect DIY gifts for Christmas.
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