Copper in the Kitchen: Adding Warmth to a White Kitchen

For the Love of Copper

Copper is a beautiful way to add warmth and character to any kitchen; it contrasts well in an all white kitchen and compliments dark colors.  You can add one large statement piece or accessorize your kitchen with a few new or vintage finds.  Today, I want to share a few of my favorite vintage copper finds and how I style them in my home.  It is great to use year round,  as I usually do, but I especially love copper in the Fall.



Styling Copper in the Kitchen

I am sharing some of my favorite ways to accessorize with copper decor, but statement pieces like copper sinks, pot racks, lighting and venti-hoods add a lot of warmth and character to a kitchen.  I noticed that copper become a popular kitchen trend again in 2017 and the love of copper is still going strong.  Copper has been popular for ages, due to its antimicrobial properties and ability to conduct heat well.   If you love a new modern feel, there are lots of places from Pottery Barn to World Market, that offer a beautiful selection of copper decorations for your kitchen and home.  I began collecting vintage copper at antique stores last year.  Here are some of my favorite vintage copper finds! Canisters, kettles and planters are easy to find in antique and thrift stores, and great decorative and functional pieces too.


Copper Canisters


Most of my vintage copper is used for decorative purposes only, but I do use these vintage canisters  to hold my coffee and tea k-cups on my coffee tray.  I love the gold stamped labels on each canister.  It adds a lot of vintage charm.  I like the patina of vintage copper, but I know some people like to polish theirs regularly.  I found one set at an antique mall and the other in my mother’s ‘decor stash.’  My second set is just stored in a corner of my kitchen cabinets.




Copper Kettles

I love the blue and white porcelain handles of copper kettles and planters!  It is such a charming little detail and I can’t pretend that I don’t love it just because it is blue and white!  One of my instagram decor pals from Ohio found this planter near my sink and kettle while thrifting and sent it to me!  I love that I will look at it and always think of her! I also mix new and old dishes! I found the new copper mugs at Marshalls two years ago, but often see them in stores!




Copper Planters


I love the various shapes of planters, especially these long planters often called ‘jardiniere’ which is a French term for garden.  Y’all know that I love all things French, so I love that term, even if I can’t claim the ones that I own to be of French history.  I currently have two of my planters filled with faux greenery, but maybe one day some real plants will grow here!  For the longer planter, I also store my dish soaps and sponges from view near my kitchen sink!




Tip One:

Copper mixes well with cooler metals like chrome and stainless steel, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!



Tip Two:

When accessorizing with copper or any accent color, use it in multiple places!



Tip Three:

Use single pieces of copper in a styled tray or vignette for a punch of metallic shine.



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