I have waited four long years to have my master bathroom remodeled.  I lived with a 1980’s mauve pink bathroom until I actually didn’t realize how ugly it was anymore.  I didn’t pay any attention to the pink tile floors and shower, pink toilet, pink sinks, pink tub, or the pink wallpaper.  It kind of grew on me, but that didn’t stop me from jumping with joy when my husband said that we can remodel the master bathroom.  All those years gave me time to really think about how I wanted this space to look, feel and function.
Here is how it looked when we moved in over four years ago.   I waited long enough to see if pink was coming back into style! It was close when blush pink and rose gold trends popped up last year, but my mauve pink bathroom missed the mark again.

Today, I have the bathroom of my dreams and it feels like a luxurious spa!  

After years of finding inspiration from instagram, pinterest and HGTV, I had a plan for my master bath remodel.  My husband and I wanted a large walk in shower and custom cabinets to fit our needs including lots of storage to hide the clutter.  As far as aesthetic, I wanted a predominately white bathroom with classic design choices – chrome, marble and subway tile.  I wanted the space to have simple, clean lines found in modern design, but fit in with our 1986 Tudor style home and share my love of cottage and french country.
I acted as the designer for this project but we used a local contractor and several local craftsmen to carry out the actual renovations.  Since this is not what I normally do, (decorating and design are different, y’all) we probably spent twice the time and money on this project as we had originally planned.  My advice is to have all the materials before you start the job.  So while we are very happy with the outcome of this space, this will go down in our Home Owners’ Manual of ‘Live and Learn.’

Starting with a clean slate…

The bathroom was gutted.  I thought about relocating the cabinets and or shower, but with room layout and size that we had, it seemed logical to keep a similar floor plan.  I also loved the light from the two large windows at the end of the bathroom and wanted to keep the bright feel of the space, so we decided to keep the windows instead of closing them in.
We removed the dropped down ceiling above the cabinets and shower. The shower was extended about two feet into the closet to widen the space.  The mirrored glass doors on the right are the entrance to our master closet.  To gain additional storage for shelves inside the closet, one door was closed in to create a wall.
 After everything was demo-ed, and most of the dust settled, the contractor began to rebuild the closet door, shiplap the walls, and add the door trim. By this time, the cabinets that we had made with a local cabinet maker were ready.  After the walls and cabinets were in, plumbing was moved for the shower and tub, then the tile was installed.

The Renovations…

I chose shiplap for the walls, because I wanted a wall treatment to add texture and simplicity.  I believe that vertical shiplap has a more cottage than farmhouse feel.  We used Behr oil based paint in ‘pure white’ for the shiplap and trim.  Oil based paint has a glossy appearance and works well in bathrooms and kitchens.
As far as tile, I chose a mix of large white subway tile for the shower wall, a grey and white hex patterned tile for the shower floor and a marble looking porcelain tile for the floor.
We purchased our tile from Lowe’s.  From left to right, here is what we used:
Carrara 12 in. x 24 in. Glazed Polished Porcelain Floor Tile
Daltile 12 in. x 12 in. Matte Grey and White Octagon Dot Mosaic Tile
Glossy White 3 in. x 6 in. Subway Tile
When using multiple styles of tile, find something that they have in common to make the space feel cohesive, like the color (grey and bright white), but also different to create enough interest and contrast, like the size of the pattern or tile itself.  I also suggest using the same color of grout; we chose bright white.
The toilet room is to the right as you enter our master bathroom.  We had wallpaper installed from floor to ceiling.  Again we chose Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home wallpaper in the watercolor check from York Wall Coverings.   I would use this company again for wallpaper! I have currently not hung anything in here as it is too pretty to cover!
This pivoting toilet paper holder is so easy to change the toilet paper that I wonder what took so long for someone to think of this!  This is worth the $20 from Home Depot!
 We also replaced the toilet.  After a few years of the pink potty, our standards were simple – we just wanted the toilet to be white.  I found a freestanding chrome toilet paper holder and wastebasket from Homegoods.    Since we do not need the extra storage, I am opting out of a cabinet above the toilet but may add a piece of artwork or single shelf later.
I narrowed down the color of the cabinets to ‘sea salt, and ‘silver mist’ by Sherwin Williams which coordinated with the Magnolia Home Wallpaper.  I know it looks grey, but the checkered wallpaper shown on the right side is ‘blue.’   I ultimately chose the darker shade of paint for the cabinets called ‘silver mist’.  My suggestion is ‘do darker on cabinet color.’  It is a green based grey.  Most paint colors have a red, blue or yellow undertone.  You can see how the color appears in the paint chip and lighter on the cabinets.
The best part of working with a cabinet maker is the ability to design cabinets to your specifications.  Of course, we wanted to increase the height of the cabinets, but we also chose a few custom features to hide our electrical components and laundry.  This was exciting for me to really customize this space.  My husband and I both dislike clutter and with the long countertop, our bathroom was the catchall of bathroom necessities.  Adding large drawers for storage helped, but the real life saver is the tall middle cabinet.
The tall cabinet in the center includes two glass front doors for pretty storage, a door that raises up to hide the products we use everyday and a slide out laundry hamper.  We chose to upgrade the cabinet drawer slides  for the ‘easy close’ option. It just prevents the drawers from being slammed shut.  The price difference was around $100 for all the cabinets so worth it for a little upgrade!  We had the electrician place two power outlets into the back wall of the center door.  Here is where we leave the hair dryer and a few electronics plugged in at all times.  We raise the door up – it stays in place, we use what we need, and then close it to hide the clutter.  Game changer, y’all!

 I chose to wall paper the inside of the glass door cabinet to pull this room and the toilet room together.  Through the glass doors, it adds a fun pop of color and pattern.
I had these glass jars from years ago that I found at Target.  I use them to store pretty soaps, cotton balls and lotions.  Recently, I added bath salts to these.
The hardware is a simple chrome pull and knob from Amazon.  The thing that I like about Amazon Prime is the quick ship and that you can easily return items.  Often, I will find a product that I love, then search it on Amazon to compare prices or search for similar items.
Basically, the end of the master bathroom has an open walk in shower.  Because the actual shower is set back, there was no need to enclose the entire area.  We like the open feel. Initially we didnt plan to include a tub, but there was so much space, we kept the tub.  We did a simple glass wall to act as a splash guard near the shower.  I wanted a seamless look.
We chose to use cultured marble countertops with built in sinks.  We have real marble in our kitchen and I actually love the brighter white look of cultured marble in the bathroom.  It is easy to take care of and half the price of real marble.   The company came out to measure the cabinets and within a few days installed the countertops.
I chose to use chrome faucets and hardware because I love the shiny metallic finish and it is a classic choice.  It blends beautifully with the white and grey in the rest of the room.The shower system with hand shower and body spray is from Signature Hardware. The hand shower is detachable with adjustable settings.
The tub faucet is also from Signature Hardware.  It costs a bit more than home improvement stores, but great quality and selection for your bathroom and kitchen.  The faucet is  mounted into the tile and includes a hand shower.
The bathtub faucet  is chrome with white details.  I love the vintage feel of this set.
I love the simplicity and style of a free standing tub.  It is smaller than the previous jetted tub, but already used more often.  We found this at Signature Hardware, as well.
Over the tub, we hung a crystal chandelier from Lamps Plus.  This company is online and has a feature to upload a photo of your room to their website, and drop in lighting to see what it will look like in your space.  I love our crystal chandelier.  It adds the perfect amount of sparkle and shine!  Beautiful lighting options at Lamps Plus.
Lastly for hardware, the faucets for the sinks… we found these at Home Depot.  I love this classic, simple style of hardware with soft round edges.
Accessories for the bathroom were found at Homegoods.  I love the chrome and white.
To continue the clean, simple feel, I opted for two chrome hooks over a large towel bar.
To warm up all this white, I added an antique wooden bench and botanical prints from The Findery in Waco, Texas.  The floor mat is Better Homes and Gardens brand and pillows are from Pier One.   I wanted to add a little bit of color and pattern to this room.
I also had this vintage ladder that works great for additional towel storage.  The stool is from Hobby Lobby and the towels are from Homegoods.
I think candles and greenery are easy decor options for a bathroom.  They add a natural element and make it feel relaxing.  Florals and gold clipboard are from Michael’s Craftstore, glass vase and candle are from Homegoods.
I love vintage silver and use it throughout my home. This vintage silver dish is perfect to hold bath salts and soaps next to the tub.
Adding lots of white candles is perfect for relaxing in the tub.
 Here’s one more view of our walk in shower with our chandelier and candles lit up!
Thank you for checking out my master bathroom remodel.  It was a long process, but one that we can look back on, and enjoy!  If you are in the Waco area, and would like information on the companies that we used, please email me at Amy@cutertudor.com. We love to support small business and most of the companies that we worked with on this project are family owned small businesses in the Waco area.


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