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Today we’re sharing our outdoor Summer makeover as a part of Outdoor Summer Blog Tour hosted by Sue and Teri of Wood and Vine! If you’re coming from their blog, welcome! I love their beautiful backyard oasis complete with a pergola for cozy get togethers and radiant flowers in the garden.
Next Stop on the Outdoor Summer Makeover Blog Tour is Brooke from Start at Home Decor.  I love how Brooke styles her outdoor seating on her dreamy front porch.  It is so picturesque.
Lets get started on my outdoor summer makeover!  We had the exterior of our home painted last fall, so my husband and I thought it was a great time to spruce up our outdoor patio and seating.  I have plans to repaint the pergola, but let’s just say it is still on the to do list. Let me share what I did get checked off that to do list.
Here is how our patio looked a few years ago!  Since then, the dog chewed the chair legs while the pillows and cushions faded from the elements.  In addition, I wanted the exterior of our home to blend more with the interior of our home, so we painted the outside of the house to brighten it up. I also decided to go with a more neutral color palette for the outdoor furniture. Don’t worry; I am still keeping the blue, but it is getting a makeover.
Spray paint is a quick and affordable way to update furniture.  It also helps prevent rust on metal outdoor pieces.  I wanted to reuse the papasan chairs and side tables that were still in good condition.  I chose to paint them in French beige by Rust-oleum.  I probably chose this color, because of its name. I do love everything French. I pressure washed the furniture to remove any dirt or debris, before I repainted it.
 You can see these blue side tables had faded, but a fresh coat of spray paint makes them look brand new.  I didn’t paint the inside of the tables, because I like the contrast of the blue showing through.
So now you can see that I chose a more classic navy blue and a beige for this outdoor space.  This color combination reminds me of the ocean –  sand between my toes and waves rolling in.
Look at this gorgeous Nicole Miller Patio rug from Home Dynamix.   I love the beautiful design and this color combination comes in many different patterns.  I was immediately drawn to these colors and this rug really inspired the design for the rest of this space! It was the first piece that I picked.  It is also so easy to keep clean.
Even, Oscar the weenie dog loves the new rug and changes to our outdoor space. Next to the back door, I used the  doormat we had, but layered a jute brown and blue rug underneath to give it a pop of color.  Oscar had just woken up from his 8th nap of the day, just in time to smile for the camera and beg to go inside.  The last thing that you want to be is a hot dog!
I purchased the papasan cushions in ‘Keegan indigo’ from Pier 1. It was a great color combination with the freshly painted chairs and tables.  As of today, July 3, Pier 1 cushions are on sale! I imagine you can catch lots of July 4th sales on outdoor furniture and decor this week. I may be on the lookout for a new fire pit!
The biggest purchase for the outdoor summer makeover is this outdoor sectional from Amazon.com.  It is perfect for hanging out together or taking naps. It is rattan wicker in a creamy taupe color. The coffee table came with it.  I liked that the coffee table was open and airy to show off my new Nicole Miller Patio rug from Home Dynamix.
I had a grey wooden crate, but it was too dark and blended right in to the coffee table. I used two thin layers of spray paint in French cream then blue and a sander to distress it.  It lightened it up and gave it character.
I love the time worn character that a little paint and distressing can do.  Now it has a summer vibe!
I found these little succulents for about $2 at Michaels end of summer sale, last year.  I never found a permanent place for them until they landed on the patio. If you are asking if I am using faux plants outside, yes, yes I am.  I stacked the potted succulents on wire boxes to create a little height and add another texture agains the wood.
Next up, is the artwork that I hung on the wall above the outdoor sectional.  My husband had a neat way of hanging up the planters.  He tied a long piece of jute to the top of a screw before drilling in to the ceiling.  As the screw went into the wood, it held the jute in place.  We hung the plant hangers from the jute before trimming it.
If you have followed me long, then you know I love to layer artwork.  Layering artwork over an architectural piece creates depth and interest.  It acts as a frame to set a smaller artwork apart and make a bigger statement.  I recently found the galvanized metal tobacco style basket and succulent print on sale from Kirklands.
I have had the ‘grow’ planters a while, and they are from Target. Yep, the Target Dollar Spot, and these are like $5, but everything is so cute so it ends up like the $100 spot. I found the jute hangers for $6 at Michaels.com.  I filled them with faux succulents in real dirt.  Just in case, they can read.  Grow, succulents, grow!

I took a few pics in the evening to test out this amazing smelling citronella candle from Flashpoint Candle. The scent is sea salt and hibiscus and it smells as delicious as it sounds.  Y’all, it smells perfect for an outdoor space.  And it is citronella so it will keep the bugs away.  I have really enjoyed this candle!


It comes in a handmade glazed pottery so when the candle melts in 3-5 years, I can plant some succulents in the bowl. Like real ones, this time!
 It is 12 wicks so it is pretty much a mini fire pit.  I am sure I will catch my daughter roasting mini marshmallows over it one night. Note to self: try roasting mini marshmallows on this candle.
Isn’t that how summer always seems to go? Never enough time!
Well, we can’t make more time, but we can make the most of our time!  Take time with your family this summer to enjoy the fruits of your labor!  And don’t worry about that ‘to do’ list! It is about the only thing that grows around here, anyways.
Well, you must be getting parched by now!  Get yourself  an ice cold drink, maybe add some fresh fruit to your beverage!  I love to add all kinds of berries and citrus to my water or iced tea.
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  1. AMy, what a beautiful outdoor retreat you’ve created! Love all your sitting areas and DIY’s from the blue crate to the garden stools! Wish we had a covered patio and deck, but it’s a work in progress. Cheers to this refreshing drink, a girl after my heart with always thinking about entertaining! XOXO, Sarah

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