Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas:

Centerpiece & Place Settings


Recently, one of my followers who knows that I love holiday tablescapes, told me about Hester and Cook, which makes the most beautiful paper accents for tables.  Consequently, I had purchased some of their paper placemats from a boutique last year. However, I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of pretty papers that were available for every holiday and season until I looked online!  It was then that I fell in love with the holiday collections and decided this was just what I needed for my Thanksgiving table!

I love this Thanksgiving table decor so much that I want to share with y’all!  Plus, Hester and Cook is a female owned small business, which I love even more.

Thanksgiving Table Decor

When styling a tablescape, start with a color scheme or theme.  For example, I was inspired by the warm neutrals, aqua blue, and a subtle pop of orange in the paper accents.  In addition, I wanted to carry out a pumpkin motif and theme of gratitude for my Thanksgiving table decor. I love the traditional Thanksgiving table, but wanted to personalize it for my style!

Dining room decorated for thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, I like to keep it simple with real pumpkins.  First, I rolled out the blue and white paper table runner across the length of the table.  This adds a pop of color and pattern.  Then, I removed the stems of two large coral colored pumpkins. Next, I stacked medium sized white pumpkins on top of those, sandwiching stems of eucalyptus in between.  Lastly, I scattered a handful of small white pumpkins along the center of the table.  Using real pumpkins, or even a vase of fresh flowers, makes a table feel more lively.

If you need a few more ideas for a simple pumpkin centerpiece, check out this post. Or if you want something over the top, read about this flower filled pumpkins that you can DIY as a centerpiece.

Table set for thanksgiving dinner


Place Setting

The Hester and Cook Thanksgiving collection of paper table accents is adorable.  Plus, it includes images of pumpkins, turkeys, cornucopias and fall foliage in everything from table accents, place cards, place mats and table runners.

I believe if you know the rules, you can break the rules!  Family and friends will appreciate a meal together more than if you placed the silverware on the right side of the plate.  Technically, the forks go on the left, while knife and spoon are placed on the right.  Napkins should be placed to the side or on top of the plate, but I love to layer.

When styling any space from table tops to an entire room, use a variety of textures. For example, textures often vary in the material themselves.  Therefore, I added natural elements (pumpkins & greenery), glass (dishes, leaf shaped plates, mini pumpkins in bowls) and metal (flatware) alongside the paper accents.

Place Mats

How cool are these paper placemats that I found online at Hester and Cook??? The printed paper placemats can be placed directly under or to the side of the plate to show off the decorative image.

While the dishes are placed in front of the chair, I like to offset the place mat to show a little detail on the placemat.  In addition, I chose to place all the flatware on the right, so that the ‘thankful’ table accents would go on the left.


Place Cards

The cards titled ‘I am thankful for’ can be used as name cards or provide guests something to do as they sit down at the table. Just place a few pretty pens on the table. This is a great conversation starter, as well.

People like to see their name written down, because personalization makes us feel special. Don’t worry if you do not have the best handwriting.  Your guests will appreciate the effort and your handwriting is one of those things that your family and friends will recognize as yours for years.

Tip: To fake a calligraphy look, double up on downward strokes of letters; single lines for upward strokes.


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