“Blessed” DIY sign

I love to use my favorite words or quotes in my decor.  I found an easy way to make my own sign, so I am sharing it with you.
The sign….
Materials – plywood, white latex or chalk paint
1.  Determine the size that you want your sign to be.  I had a specific location for mine so I measured according, allowing some negative space on both ends.
2.  Cut the sheet of plywood accordingly.
3.  Paint with white latex or chalk paint and let dry.
The lettering…
There are a few ways to get the letters onto your sign including freehand, stencils or using a vinyl cutter.  I am sharing an easy way to transfer the outline of the letters onto your sign with a printout from your computer.
Materials – printout of letters, pencil, Sharpie paint pen
1.  In Microsoft Word, type the word that you want on your sign.  Adjust the size of the font to fit onto your sign.  Don’t forget to subtract the space around the letters.  For example, my board is 8″ so I printed 6″ letters, leaving a one inch border on top and bottom of the word.  Print.  It is okay if it doesn’t fit on one page.
2. Scribble around each letter to transfer the pencil lead. Do this on the blank side of the paper.
3.  Center the word on your board with the paper face down.  It is easier to find the center of the board and start with the middle letter, then work your way outward to trace each letter.
4.  With a dull pencil, trace around the printed letter so the original lead is transferred.
5.  With a Sharpie paint pen, outline the letters, then fill in the outline.
the frame…
Materials –  1″ x 2″ pine, wood stain
1. Cut the two end pieces the exact height of your sign.  Cut the two long pieces 2 inches longer than your sign to overlap the end pieces like the pic below.
2.  I used a nail gun to assemble the sign, but you can wood glue as well.
 I would love to see what word you pic!  Just tag @cutertudor or use the hashtag #cutertudored on Instragram for a chance to be shared!


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