DIY Painted Post Box

I just love how paint can transform anything and everything.  A beat up coffee table or an outdated hutch, a yard sale find or a hand me down dresser, vintage mirrors or brand new mirrors that you love the shape but not the color, old wood floors or 90’s tile, weathered patio furniture or stained rugs!  If you like it, but don’t love it, paint it!  If you can’t splurge for new at the moment, but have a few pieces that have potential, paint it.  If you have been gifted or handed down family pieces, but it doesn’t fit your style, paint it.  If you find something new that you like, but can imagine it better, paint it.
That is exactly what happened when I found this cute post box at Hobby Lobby.  I use a lot of galvanized serving trays for parties and summer time, but often when I put galvanized decor on my wall, it doesn’t blend with my other decor.  I loved the shape and the floral and bird emblem on the box, but imagined a creamy white would would really transform this piece into a softer look. So I decided to give it a makeover!
 Y’all, this was $17 half off at Hobby Lobby! I find these all the time for $40-$75!
Paint is legit right now!  From chalk and milk paint, to oil, latex, and spray paint, companies have really created some quality products that I love to try out! The latest paint that I really love to use is Rustoleum spray paint! Spray paint because it is so easy to use, dries fast, works on so many surfaces and is affordable!  Rustoleum is just a great brand.
So the steps are easy, like 123! I really want to encourage you to not be afraid to try your hand at painting so that you can really transform pieces that you already own or get for cheap, into pieces that you love!
1. Prep!
  • Clean the item you will paint – wipe it down, vacuum, use a wire brush; do whatever to remove any dust, debris or old flaky paint.
  • Protect the surface or ground that you are painting on in a 5 foot radius. Use old sheets or tarps, propping small objects on scrap wood!
  • Protect yourself.  You may want to wear rubber gloves so you don’t mess up your manicure and don’t wear flip flops, because the paint is airborne. What goes up, must come down.
2.  Paint!
You will probably need to paint at least 3 separate coats of paint for complete coverage.  Allow each coat to dry in between layers. This is fast drying so I waited 5-10 minutes in between and 20+ minutes after the final coat. I was playing with my puppy, so I could have lost track of time.  Don’t forget to paint the inside and bottom areas and spray from different angles for the best coverage.  Paint and primer works great to reduce the amount of products that you need to use.
3. Sand! 
You can use sand paper, an electric or hand sander!  On smaller or more detailed items, you will want to start with a fine grit sand paper.  If you want a more distressed look, move to a medium grit.  Start slow, because it is easier to keep sanding than to repaint, if you remove too much paint.
Distressing just adds character, in my opinion and is totally up to you!  In some cases, I like to distress heavily and in others, I don’t sand at all.  For example, when I use a high gloss enamel paint on a mid modern piece of furniture, I would not sand at all.  For a farmhouse look, I would distress a lot, especially around any raised or ornate woodwork or details.
Spray paint is rust resistant so there is no need to wax or seal a piece. However, I like the feel and glossy look of wax on certain pieces used indoors, so I used a craft store wax for less than $5 after I finished sanding the box.  If you do use wax, just wipe the dust from sanding off first.
Now the fun part, style it up!!!
Greenery, florals, flags, or cards at Christmas!
Because spray paint is weather resistant, feel free to use items outdoors on your front porch, patio spaces or backyard decks!
I would love to see what you spray paint, just share it on Instagram or Facebook using the tag #cutertudored for a chance to be featured! 

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