How to Make your Home Cozy for Fall

How to Make your Home Cozy for Fall

Happy Fall, y’all!  It’s official. Therefore, I want to share my five favorite ways to make your home cozy for Fall.  I am working with Green Leaf Gifts to share their amazing fall scent, Currant Rose, but all ideas are my own.

Cozy Currant Rose Candles

Scents can instantly change your mood and the ambiance of a room. Right now, I am loving the Currant Rose scent for Fall.  It smells like roses and berries.  Specifically, I describe it as a fresh, light, sweet floral scent. I prefer clean scents over overly sweet smells, so I think this smells perfect.


Greenleaf Gifts not only offers candles but a variety of Currant Rose fragrances.  For example, this Fall floral scent is available in a diffuser, room spray and sachets.

Cozy Blankets

Add a cozy throw blanket on sofas and chairs to cuddle up with.  However, if you are in Texas, like me, you may have to turn down the air conditioning in September to really make your home feel like Fall.

First, I like to pinch the blanket about 2/3 of the way up in the center of the blanket.  Next, I pull the blanket into the chair slowly letting it fall into place, touching the floor.  Lastly, I throw a pillow on top.


Cozy Pillows

Pillows are an inexpensive way to add seasonal touches to your living room for Fall. You can bring in your favorite fall colors or texture. For example, cognac leather, chunky crocheted or cable knit pillows are popular for Fall.  I love to add a couple of pillows with seasonal quotes, too.  It just makes my home feel cozy.

 Fall Florals & Greenery

Whether you prefer to use fresh, faux, natural, or a combination of all three, like me, Fall florals and greenery bring life to a space. Plus, you can add greenery in the form of wreaths or  garlands.

Most people think of the warm colors of Fall like orange and yellow, but I love to use creamy whites and muted greens.  For instance, I think the sage green color of eucalyptus is beautiful for Fall.  The blush pink currant rose candle is a beautiful contrast, too.

Pumpkins, Everywhere

I think pumpkins make a home feel cozy for Fall, because they immediately remind me of the season.  Therefore, I love to mix real and faux pumpkins in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.


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how to make your home cozy for Fall


Thank you for stopping by the blog!  Most importantly, I hope you learned a few ways how to make your home cozy for Fall!  Please share this post on Facebook or Pinterest and subscribe to my blog, here.

Just add a pumpkin spice latte!  Just kidding, I don’t even like those, but I do love the pumpkin cream iced coffee from Starbucks!  Have you tried it???  It pairs well with currant rose scents!

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