Mix Old and New in your Spring Styled Tablescape

Mix Old and New in your Spring Styled Tablescape

My spring styled tablescape is a fun mixture of old and new dishes in my favorite colors!  Something old, something new, something thrifted and something blue…  It features my classic white plates that I have had for years, new Pioneer Woman finds, thrifted Currier and Ives dishes and blue linens.  I had fun mixing patterns, colors and different collections together for this simple spring table setting.


Spring Tablescape Details

I love to decorate the formal dining room during the weekdays and my husband loves to cook a big breakfast on the weekends.  This casual table setting accommodates both our loves so we can enjoy more time together as a family.

Even though our table can seat six or eight, we just have four in our family. I decided to keep it real and only set the table for the four of us, while keeping a few extra dishes at the other end of the table for friends stopping by.


Setting the table for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday Supper creates moments that you can look forward to as a family…time to slowdown and relax together.


As summer approaches, I crave simplicity. Keeping a stack of dishes on the buffet table, gathered in a tray on the kitchen island or even on one end of the table like I did here, makes it easy to access dishes for your next family meal.  And unloading the dishwasher becomes a quick task when you can drop them off in one location.


This is definitely a no fuss tablescape.  Use what you have!  Dishes don’t have to be fancy or even match!

Mix in something new!  When you fall in love with the Pioneer Woman’s newest collection, get it all or pick the pieces that you love.  I tried to show restraint and not buy any of the PW collection, because I didn’t need any more dishes. I lasted a year until I saw the blue and green floral salad/dessert plates in April and got a set of 8.  Then, I found a few of the little ramekins, mini pie plates, pedestals and bowls in the blue and green that I had to have.

The Pioneer Woman dishes are available at Walmart.  Not every piece is available online, and the selection varies at each store.


The blue and white Currier and Ives dishes are a thrifted find.  This set is called ‘The Old Grist Mill‘ and cost $8 for all 36 pieces. However, I normally see the Currier and Ives dinner plates at the local antique mall for $10 each. Therefore, I knew a set of 36 for $8 was a steal before looking online.

If you find sets of china or vintage dishes at the thrift store, flip them over to find the name of the collection and maker labeled on the back.  You can use you cell phone to search the value or history of the piece to determine if it is a good deal.

My mother had the same set, so I was drawn to the pattern. Between the price and memories of my mom, I snatched them up.  Remember, no matter the deal, only buy what you love!

So with a few sets of dishes in fun colors for Spring, my Spring styled tablescape came together! I just love blue and green for any season. Specifically, it is so fresh for Spring and Summer! Next, I layered a light blue cloth napkin between the two largest plates. The napkins are from Homegoods and have a classic feel which work well in this spring styled tablescape.


Spring Dining Room Decor

With Spring in full swing, I added more blue and green florals to the Spring styled chalkboard, but it is basically leftover from Easter minus the words that I had written on the board.  The key is to layer multiple shades of chalk to create some depth in the foliage.  Spring flowers lay in the dough bowl.


In the bay window, I hung simple wreaths with 3m hooks and displayed my collection of vintage glass insulators on the window sill. I just love the vibrant blue!  They add a fun pop of my favorite color.  My mother had collected these for years, finding them in junk shops and even in fields on my parents and grandparents farm.


On the other side of the dining room, I have my chicken wire cabinet flanked by two extra chairs with pillows.  I hung up two extra botanical prints from a set of six that I have.  The other four prints are hung across the way into the living room, which brings the two spaces together.  The cabinet holds vintage silver pieces that I have collected over the past few years.


I hope you enjoyed checking out my Spring styled tablescape that is perfect for casual meals with your family.  I encourage you to make family meal time special again!  Not fancy, just intentional!

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