20 Creative Floral Arrangement Ideas

20 Creative Floral Arrangement Ideas

I have been so inspired by wildflowers lately, that I decided to share 20 Creative Floral Arrangements Ideas. These Spring floral arrangements are so creative. Consequently, the next time that I have flowers, I will put them anywhere but in a regular vase! 

Whether you are looking for ideas to place the handpicked flowers from your kids or create a display for your next big event, I think these ideas will definitely get the wheels turning. I have grouped this unique vessels into 5 categories. For example, there are bottles, baskets, buckets, boxes and household utensils for everything else! 

Note: You may have to use floral foam or flower frogs to hold flowers in place. In addition, some displays may require flowers to be put in vases with water before placing them in a larger container.



Display flowers in a collection of bottles of various sizes or one large bottle for a statement. Don’t be afraid to mix wildflowers, flowers cut from your garden and store bought flowers together. 

  • Perfume bottles
  • Mason jars
  • Apple juice jars
  • Pickle jars



The natural elements used in baskets are a beautiful combination with fresh or faux flowers. In addition, baskets with handles offer more ways to display flowers on the front door, mudroom hooks or simply sitting on a bench.  

  • Bushel basket
  • Hanging wall basket
  • Market basket totes
  • Woven basket



I think a bouquet of fresh flowers in a metal bucket is the epitome of Spring. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of contrasting elements. Plus, buckets hold a lot of flowers to make a wonderful centerpiece. 

  • Galvanized bucket
  • Antique watering can
  • Vintage ice cream maker bucket
  • Enamel bucket 



Flowers in chippy, distressed, or weathered wood boxes are beautiful any where. However, I think they are perfect for outdoor get togethers or rustic inspired weddings. 

  • Wooden fruit crates
  • Reclaimed wood boxes


Household Utensils 

 Items typically found in the kitchen seem to make great displays for flowers. I guess it makes sense, because there are a lot of vessels typically used in the kitchen for cooking, or serving. If you collect vintage finds, this is a great way to show off your collections, too. 

  • Vintage Oil Lamp
  • Pitcher or jug 
  • Old crock
  • Vintage food storage tin
  • Vintage Flour Sifter
Pic by Sarah Joy Blog



What else can you use to display your flowers?

There are so many things that you can use to display your flowers. I think the possibilities are endless. Basically, if it is a container, you can use it. So, here are 20 more floral arrangement ideas to inspire you to look around at what you have. Then, fill it with flowers!  

Buckets – minnow bucket, olive bucket, small wine barrels, vintage gas cans 

Baskets – picnic baskets, seagrass baskets with handles, berry baskets 

Bottles – apothecary jars, milk bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, vintage water jugs 

Boxes – tool box, wood caddy, enamel bread box

Household Utensils – utensil caddy, tea pot, copper canisters, ceramic canisters, pedestal bowls 



More Flower Arrangement Ideas on Instagram

Here are four of my favorite Instagram accounts that share beautiful floral arrangements in creative displays. French Country Cottage, Vibeke Design, Maple Creek Market, and Fig and Twigs


If you love these creative ideas to display flowers, save this to your Pinterest board.  For more ideas to decorate a space or style an item 5 ways, check out my 5 Way Wednesday series

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