Joanna Gaines Inspired Table Decor

To be inspired, simply means that you are filled with the idea to do something.  A few weeks ago, I felt like I was in a creative rut. Then, I woke up on Sunday morning and came across one of Joanna Gaines’ home videos on Instagram. Immediately, I felt inspired to create, to make something with whatever I already had and specifically, to set the table for Sunday dinner. This is my Joanna Gaines inspired table decor. 


Joanna Gaines Table Decor

Joanna shared how she created this beautiful arrangement of hand picked flowers and greenery from her garden.  Then, she styled a table mixing rustic chargers, modern plates and linens with a handful of antique finds.  For instance, the crystal glasses, silverware, napkin rings and fancy candlesticks are all vintage finds that she has collected through the years.

Joanna believes the combination of old and new creates a ‘found’ look which tells a story. In addition, she mentioned the importance of layering different textures. For example, she layered wood chargers, white ceramic plates, silver napkin rings, and blush pink linen napkins. You can read more about layering table decor, here.

The best encouragement that Joanna Gaines shared is that ‘you can do it.’ Even if you have to ‘wing it!’ Sometimes, we think that we have to be the best or everything has to be perfect. It doesn’t. It may not ever be.  However, we can make the most of everything that we have. 

Joanna Gaines Inspired Floral Arrangement 

Here’s my untamed version using wildflowers, the only two roses blooming in my yard, vines and some crepe myrtle stems. The stems are a good base for the flowers, adding extra greenery. Then, the asymmetrical vines create movement and lead the eye through the centerpiece.  The roses are simply beautiful to look at. Lastly, the wildflowers add a pop of color. 

To begin, I placed a flower frog in the bottom of the footed bowl. Floral foam works great, too. Add water to vase or submerge foam in water beforehand to prevent wilting when using fresh flowers. Then, push vines and branches into the flower frog to create a base. Lastly, add flowers through out the vase. Disperse evenly. 

Tip: To open roses, blow into the center a few times. 


Joanna Gaines Inspired Table Decor 

While filled with inspiration from Joanna Gaines, I set the table for Sunday dinner. Specifically, I used my husband’s grandmother’s china dishes and crystal glasses for a vintage feel. Then, to add texture, I layered them with cane chargers and green linen napkins from Susie.  To make the table feel even fancier, I lit candles. Lastly, I placed the floral arrangement in the center of the table. 



To personalize each place setting, I added a handwritten card. Even though, it was just dinner with my immediate family. Sometimes in the mundane, I think the little things can make the everyday feel special too. 

Tip: For a calligraphy look, write names in cursive. Next, add thick doubled lines only on the downward strokes. 


Joanna Gaines commented on my post!

The best part…  When I shared the pictures of my table, Joanna Gaines commented on my Instagram post! I was so excited that I took a screen shot her comment.  If you love Joanna and all things Magnolia, like I do, read ‘What’s new for Magnolia in Waco, Texas.’  This includes a list of ten inspiring tv shows scheduled for the new Magnolia Network later this year. 

I wonder if Joanna Gaines’ knows that we live ten minutes apart, sit beside one another at the Baylor football games and often work within minutes of one another in downtown Waco. I’m pretty sure that we could be best friends, lol. Until then, I’ll find inspiration from afar. 


Thank you for stopping by the blog!  I hope you feel inspired to set the table for your next big or small celebration. Even if it’s just for Sunday dinner.

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  1. Cindy Richter

    May 5, 2020 at 10:53 am

    Well how fun is that?! It would be exciting to get a reply from JG but I can see why she did. Your table setting and centerpiece are gorgeous as is everything you do. And I love hearing you and the hubs made lunch together. Enjoy your week!


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