Laundry Room Storage & Decor

I am in the process of adding a few quick changes to our laundry room.  After we moved into our home, we replaced the linoleum floors with Chicago open faced brick and had a mudroom bench added for organization.  I still need to paint the cabinets a bright white color, but today, I added a few pieces to spruce the laundry room up.



Baskets are great for storage in any space, but especially the pantry and laundry room.  These baskets are from Ezo Ware on Amazon. They are great for collecting laundry or lost socks.  I have one basket for the dog leashes and treats.  I love the two tone natural look, because they work with any decor.


I also added greenery, because it always brings a room alive and makes it feel more welcoming!  Even if it is faux!  Small wreaths look nice on coat hooks during the summer time, when the coats are put away.  The pillow is made by my friend Lindy at who used a cute tote to create a pillow.


Gallery walls are an easy wall to share a collection of similar pieces and add interest to a wall.  If you have been to a home decor store recently, you know you will be able to find some cute ‘laundry’ or ‘fluff and fold’ signs for your laundry room. Groups of odd number items like 3 or 5 work well when you have a variety of sizes or shapes to fit together.  Lay the pieces on the floor to find an arrangement that you love!


So, does anyone else feel like laundry overtakes their life?  I think my kids keep their laundry hidden in their closets, until it is mountain of at least 5-7 loads.  But without loads of laundry, the house would be boring, right?  Letter boards are a fun way to express your mood, share a message or decorate for special occasions!


I hope the next time you see the laundry room, I have it completely done!  But today, progress over perfection.

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