Living Room Decorating Ideas for Fall

Living Room Decorating Ideas for Fall

Last week, I shared part of my living room including my family inspired gallery wall and sitting area.  If you missed it, you can check out the blog post here.  This week, I decorated the other side of the room around the fireplace.  My goal was to shop my house and use items that I already owned and hopefully inspire you to use items you already have in new ways.  I use a lot of warm wood tones, crisp white, greenery against my blue walls in this room.  It is my favorite combination for any season.  Come see what I did to get this room ‘all falled up.’



The Fireplace Mantle

A few years ago, I built this planked wall above the mantle. It has been repainted a few times, and will probably get some new paint soon.  It makes a great background and is easy to restyle the mantle without adding lots of holes into the wall each time I crave a change.  I often swap furniture and decor in my home to give it a new look for the season or holiday, which creates a domino effect. For example, I replaced this ‘home’ sign in my gallery wall with a wooden ‘thankful’ cutout to update it for fall.  So now, I had this sign to play with which inspired me to pull some of my wood, white and green decor to style the mantle.

I pulled out all my green books that I had shelved to add some color, a few pumpkins from my fall decor, and the wreath from my front door! Don’t worry; my front porch already has plans for a Halloween makeover!  I hung these wood and white signs from my breakfast nook and layered a framed print in front.  Layering pieces creates character and depth in a space, and is a look that I love.  I placed a basket full of pumpkins in front of the fireplace.





A Cozy Corner

To create a cozy feel, I added a quilted throw and fall inspired pillow to this chair.   Can you believe that the throw was one of my first home decor purchases over 20 years ago?  It just shows that your home is a collection of things that you love and it takes time to make a house into a home.  The ‘gather’ pillow is from the Mud Pie collection at The Findery.  My new lamps have ‘room hopped’ this week, as I see where I love them the most.  The pair started in the bedroom, stopped in on the buffet table in the dining room, and ended up on my side tables in my living room.  These lamps work in so many spaces and offer a warm, chippy texture to any space. They are sold in a set at Antique Farmhouse.




Styled Shelves

Little pumpkins and deconstructed books fill in the slots of my cubby shelf.  I recently recovered some old books from my childhood home, so I will add more books as I can.  Books are great for styling, so snatch them up when you find them for free.  Vintage books, galvanized houses, and old glass bottles with fresh carnations are placed on either side of the terrarium filled with potted greenery.  Two years ago, I chalk painted these mini orange pumpkins for a neutral look.  Don’t be afraid to paint something until it works in your decor.  If my style ever changes, a fresh coat of paint will quickly bring it up to standard. I found these vintage glass bottles when I visited California this summer.  Neutral colored carnations from the grocery store were added to each bottle.  I used decor beads for a fun texture and little pumpkins for a simple seasonal touch of fall decor.



Adding Fall Touches

Adding little hints of fall touches  can really transform a space and inspire you to enjoy the season.   Natural elements like pinecones, branches or fall foliage from wheat to cotton stems can be found depending on where you live.  And if not, there is always Hobby Lobby!  I like to place a few natural elements in my vignettes, trays or crates placed around the room!  It doesn’t matter, if they are real or faux, or a mix of both. Since I love all the colors and textures of Fall,  I try to include them where I can.  Strips of torn fabric are tied on the stems of pumpkins to add color and texture.  Instead of storing unused prints, I rolled them up and tied them with faux leather ribbon to tuck in this vintage, wooden toolbox.   I am pretty sure the leather ribbon was from a package I received and the torn fabric strips was extra material from upholstering my dining room chairs a few years ago.  I try to repurpose items when I can.


Fall Foliage

There are certain design principles to follow when styling a room, but there aren’t too many strict rules that you have to follow when decorating.  If you love it, do it.  Here, I mixed cotton, magnolia blooms, eucalyptus and pumpkin picks.  These may not be the traditional fall colors, but all that matters is if you like it in your home.  Also, wreaths aren’t just for front doors! Hang them on hooks, tuck them in baskets. or use them under cake stand pedastals to add some texture.  Using decor in new ways keep it from just stacking up in your decor pile and allows you to not buy more stuff, when you can decorate with what you have.




Thank you for stopping my the Cuter Tudor to see the second part of my living room decorating ideas for Fall. I am sure as the season progresses, I will make a few little changes, but I am enjoying the updates for Fall that I have made for now.  Follow me on instagram @cutertudor for more daily decor inspiration or add these pics to your Pinterest board for Fall ideas.   Happy Fall, y’all!

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