The Best 5 Ways to Use Cake Stands

The Best 5 Ways to Use Cake Stands

Finding a variety of ways to use my decor challenges me creatively. Therefore, I started a series called 5 Way Wednesday where I share 5 different ways to style one product or one space. Typically, I share these ideas in my instagram stories on Wednesdays and then, on the blog!

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite ways to use cake stands in my home. 

1. Stack to Create a Tiered Tray 

One of my favorite ways to display desserts at a party is using a tiered tray. Simply, stack a few cake stands from biggest to smallest. Typically, I just stack the cake stands, but you can secure with double sided tape or a dab of low temp hot glue.  Then, place a few smaller cake stands around the ‘tiered tray’ for extra desserts. 

All of these cake stands are from the Target Dollar Spot and range from $1-$5 dollars.



2. Show off Baked Goods

So this may be obvious, but I had to include it on the list. Displaying your desserts on a cake stand is a beautiful way to style the dining table or kitchen island. Specifically, place a cake stand with dessert and a stack of plates onto a tray for a functional vignette. 

Unless your cake is fake! Then, it’s just a pretty vignette. This amazing yellow cake is actually faux, y’all. It is from Everything Dawn, who makes faux food for prop styling and tablescapes! 


3. Display in Open Shelves

Instead of hiding your cake stands behind cabinet doors when they are not in use, display them on open shelves. I love them styled with other white dishes in open kitchen shelves, but I don’t have those. Therefore, I display them in hutches or bookshelves. Not only do they look pretty, but they work to vary the height to smaller objects. 


4. Organize the Sink

Whether you use a stand in the bathroom or kitchen sink, it is a great way to keep the counter clutter free.  Near the kitchen sink, organize scrub brushes, soaps, candles, and herbs.   In the bathroom, organize perfumes, beauty products and other bathroom necessities. 


5. Use in Vignettes

When styling a vignette, it is important to vary the height of items to lead the eye throughout the design. For instance, you can place candles, potted plants, or seasonal decor onto a cake stand to raise items to the desired height. 

Whether you are styling a coffee table tray or decorating a centerpiece for a holiday tablescape, cake stands make the perfect riser.


Tip of the Day:

Usually, I buy all white cake stands. To dress them up for holidays or themed parties, simply top with scrapbook or wrapping paper to match.  For example, turn the cake stand upside down to trace and cut the size of paper needed. Next, cut out and adhere with double sided tape. 

Detailed instructions, plus more tips to decorate on a budget, here.


If you love seeing the same piece of furniture or decor styled 5+ different ways, check out these blog posts or search ‘5 Way Wednesday, on the blog! But first, hit the pin button to save this on Pinterest. 

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