DIY Bathroom Storage & Organization

Tidy home, tidy mind, right? Well, the best way to keep things tidy is to ensure that everything has its place. Therefore, I have a simple solution to organize cotton balls, swabs and pads with a set of bathroom storage & organization jars. This project is easy and inexpensive, but looks like chic apothecary jars!

DIY Bathroom Storage & Organization Jars

What you need:

  • RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive
  • Clear glass vases or jars with a wide neck
  • Clear glass candlesticks with a flat top

You can find inexpensive glass vases, jars and candlesticks at the dollar store or thrift store. These were only $1. However, be sure to use containers with wide neck openings so you can easily retrieve items. In addition, it’s key to use candlesticks or pedestals that have a flat rim on top, so the two surfaces can bond together.

For this project, I partnered with DAP to try the RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive to create unique bathroom storage and organization jars. I chose this adhesive because it creates a crystal clear, durable bond that will not yellow as it ages. In addition, it forms a water-resistant bond that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. So, it’s great for projects around the kitchen or bathroom.

The RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive is a great solution for working with clear materials, like glass, plastic or translucent ceramics. Or, repairing anything treasured that needs a seamless finish. It bonds to virtually everything and sets in 25 minutes, so you have time to adjust pieces.

What you do:

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Use a small amount of RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive. Remember, the adhesive spreads when surfaces are pressed together.

  1. Apply a thin line of the RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive to the rim of the candlestick.
  2. Place the glass vase on top. Allow adhesive to set for 25 minutes before moving.
  3. Wait 1-3 hours before using newly adhered items as it takes 24 hours for the adhesive to completely cure.

Now, fill these bathroom storage and organization jars with any bathroom necessities. For instance, cotton balls, pads, swabs, makeup sponges, brushes, small bars of soaps or bath salts. Because these items are typically used often, lids aren’t necessary.

3 Tips for Using RapidFuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive

  • Use painter’s tape to cover any areas from glue exposure. Remove after adhesive sets.
  • Use clamps to hold larger items in place until the adhesive sets.
  • To ensure even coating, a craft brush works well. In addition, the craft brush can be used to remove any over applied glue from the seams.

You can find more creative solutions for bathroom storage and organization, here. Plus, tips to refresh your bathroom. If you want the ugly before and after of my bathroom, read this post, Master Bathroom Remodel.

Remember, organization is not just a project, but a practice! For more bathroom storage and organization inspiration, save this to your Bathroom Storage and Organization board on Pinterest! Or follow mine, here.

Lastly, these glass jars and candlesticks are all $1 from Dollar Tree. You can search the nearest store to find Dollar Tree hours, here. However, most stores are open 8 am – 9 pm Monday – Saturday and 9 pm – pm on Sunday.

Set of 3 glass apothecary style jars with cotton balls, swabs, pads

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